EECS Newsletter Fall 2003

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Dept. Head John Guttag helping the PhD grads celebrate at the EECS post hooding celebration, June 2003.

the End of the Bubble

A Message from Dept. Head John V. Guttag

“I firmly believe that with the continued support of our alumni and friends we will be able to look back on the first years of the 21st century as a period when MIT EECS laid a strong foundation for its second 100 years.”

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New EECS faculty members are introduced to the EECS community.

New Faculty Profiles

Read about the nine new faculty members in the EECS Department including Regina Barzilay, Michael Collins, Luca Daniel, Frédo Durand, Dina Katabi, Rob Miller, Asu Ozdaglar, Joel Schindall, and Lizhong Zheng.

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Hermann Haus, In Memory.

Hermann Haus, In Memory

“Hermann was a source of extraordinary intellectual energy on all fronts. His pioneering research in the fields of noise theory, short-pulse lasers and optical communications earned him the National Medal of Science… He made it all look easy.” – Erich Ippen, EECS and RLE faculty colleague

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EECS alum, John Jarve, '78.

MIT EECS: more than just a great education

“I support the department so that the faculty and staff can have a similar impact on future generations of students. The department is blessed with a team that excels in research and teaching, but also cares deeply for the personal development and success of students.” – John Jarve, ’78

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In celebration of the merger of the AI Lab and LCS, Robert Fano, founding Director of Project MAC and new CSAIL Director Rodney Brooks cut the LCS 40th anniversary birthday cake at the Cape Cod annual retreat, July 1, 2003.

CSAIL: a Hotbed for Innovation

“In 1970, the seven year old MIT Project MAC fissioned into what would become two of the world’s premier computer science research laboratories, the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Laboratory for Computer Science. The two labs were slated to move into the Ray and Maria Stata Center in January 2004.”
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John Guttag, "the robot" and Rodney Brooks speaking about robotics research at the Engineering Human-Machine Relationships session on May 23, 2003, the EECS 100th anniversary symposium. Photo by Donna Coveney, MIT News Office.

100 years of Transformation

In May, over 900 alumni and friends helped us celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Electrical Engineering Department. Despite some truly dreadful weather, the celbration was an enormous success. “Nowhere on the planet exists another academic department that has had such an extreme impact …” – MIT President, Charles Vest
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The view from the observation deck of the Stata Center construction on Saturday, May 24, 2003.

Donor Recognition

“Many of the things we do at MIT would not be possible were it not for the generosity of our friends. [and] “For 100 years many (most) of the most important technological innovations have come from electrical engineers and computer scientists. I think this will be true for the next century as well…” – Department Head, John V. Guttag, July 2003
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