EECS Newsletter Fall 2005

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EECS Dept. Head L. Rafael Reif, Spring 2005

Course VI: the Best and Getting Better

A Message from Department Head L. Rafael Reif

“We envision a department that, ten years from now, will have a curriculum, education, and research program that is influenced as much by the life sciences as by physics and mathematics… that is more permeated by notions from quantum physics, so that the wave function takes its place alongside the electron, the photon and the bit (where the bit is the ‘binary digit’ for computation and also the ‘binary unit’ for information).” read more…

Sangeeta Bhatia, one of five new EECS faculty members, fall 2005.

New Faculty Profiles

Meet the five new faculty members added to the EECS ranks: Sangeeta Bhatia, whose focus is on applications of micro- and nanotechnology to tissue repair and regeneration; Isaac Chuang, pioneer in the field of quantum information science; Devavrat Shah, originator of novel designs for complex networks; Russ Tedrake, developing advanced motor control systems for robots executing dynamically dexterous tasks; Mehmet Fatih Yanik, developing nanosurgery techniques for applications to neuronal degeneration and regeneration. read more…

Rafael Reif and his wife Chris Reif with Paul Penfield and his wife Barbara Penfield

Department Events: Paul Penfield Retires

“An evening of fun and celebration of the long and distinguished career of Prof. Paul L. Penfield Jr. took place in early April on the occasion of his official retirement frm the faculty.”

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Profile of EECS Alum Sunlin Chou, '66

Alumnus Profile: Sunlin Chou, ’66

“I have many fond memories of MIT…But most of all, I value my MIT electrical engineering education for giving me the comprehensive framework and inspiration that would enable me to become a productive engineer and team leader.”

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Students in 6.111 the Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory course, enthusiastically share their Spring term 2005 projects, in this case a mit outfitted to behave as a computer mouse.

EECS: New Initiatives in Teaching

“Our hope is that over the next five years our efforts will not only transform the EECS student experience, but will also contribute to the intellectual vibrancy and cohesion of the department as a whole.” –Tomás Lozáno-Pérez

read more… New Industry Projects Program is Launched | EECS VI-A Goes International | Women’s Technlogy Program: Young Women Captured by Engineering | New Undergraduate Course Initiatives Already Engaged.

The magic of ferrofluid drops and the biomedical applications of liquid suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles, work being done in the labs of EECS faculty members Elfar Adalsteinsson and Markus Zahn.

Laboratory Notes

“In a rotating magnetic field, the magnetization of liquid suspensions of magnetic nanoparticles lags the magnetic field resulting in new physical fluid behavior with nanosized gyroscopes that stir, mix, and heat the fluid…”

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Reflections of the Stata Center Dreyfoos Tower, Achilles, 2005.

Donor Recognition

“Our alumni/ae have always received me warmly and have always offered kind words about the Department. Their support has been and continues to be invaluable: it has made it possible for us to attract the highest quality students and faculty and to provide the highest quality education to our students.” –L. Rafael Reif, July 2005

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