EECS Newsletter Fall 2006

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EECS Leadership Team, Spring 2006

Course VI: EECS is Everywhere

A Message from Department Head W. Eric L. Grimson
“A new leadership team in EECS began its work on November 1. Besides myself, the new administration includes Professors Duane Boning and Srini Devadas serving as Associate Department Heads, …” read more…

6.099 lab, Spring 2006

the New Undergraduate Curriculum

An update by members of the EECS Curriculum Innovation Committee, Tomás Lozano-Pérez, chairman

“Our expectation is that this new curriculum will balance breadth and depth, give students a range of foundational knowledge, and provide mastery in some sub-areas of EECS.”

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Alvin W. Drake, 1935-2005

Remembering Al Drake, 1935-2005

“Al Drake was in many ways the soul of [LIDS]. In a laboratory noted for brilliance, even within MIT, Al was a voice for wisdom, humanity, and not taking ourselves too seriously. Inside and outside LIDS, he was a friend and mentor…”

EECS faculty member Robert Gallager

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MIT EECS Graduate Student Association leadership receiving Special Recognition Award from Dept. Head Eric Grimson, May 2006.

EECS Student Groups

Reports from three EECS student Groups: EECS GSA, GW6, and HKN
“While many graduate students are focusing on individual endeavors, the members of the EECS Graduate Student Association (GSA) are working to make the EECS graduate program…”
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Sramana Mitra, SM '85, Silicon Valley strategy consultant

EECS Grads are Everywhere

From alums in the heart of the financial world in New York City to the heartlands developing amusement game companies to the West Coast’s Silicon Valley startup capital and beyond…EECS grads everywhere.

read more… about EECS Alumni/ae: Armen Avanessians, Larry DeMar, Yuchun Lee, Sramana Mitra, Eugene Kuznetsov, Michelle K. Lee and Robert Kunstaetter.

Robotic bird in the CSAIL lab of EECS Prof. Russ Tedrake, Spring 2006

Laboratory Notes from CSAIL, LEES, LIDS, MTL and RLE

Machine Learning Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems

“Robots today move far too conservatively, using control systems that rely on maintaining full control authority at all times.” Russ Tedrake, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab read more… about Keyword Commands for Scripting (Miller/CSAIL), Nano-enhanced Thermophotovoltaics (Kassakian/LEES), Optimization Methods for Analysis and Design (Parrilo/LIDS), Breaking the Analog Circuit Bottleneck (H-S Lee/MTL) and Modern Interfaces – Circuit Design, Communication Theory and Convex Optimization (Stojanovic/RLE).