EECS Newsletter Fall 2007

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The Stata Center at dusk, June 2007.

Course VI: Constantly Evolving for the Better

A Message from Department Head Eric Grimson

“I am delighted to be able to update our many alumni and alumnae and supporters on the state of the department. This has been and continues to be a period of many changes within the department: changes in personnel, changes in curriculum, changes in student interests, changes in research directions.”

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Stepping Out with a New Undergraduate Curriculum

–George C. Verghese, EECS Education Officer

“Curricular structures define degree programs. But they also have a more organic effect on the life and rhythms of a department,..No surprise, then, that departments only infrequently undertake major curricular examination and change.”

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Celebrating Marilyn Pierce, EECS Graduate Administrator

“In celebration of Marilyn Pierce’s 35-year long career as graduate administrator in the EECS Department, a special reception was held on May 4 at the Stata Center.”

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Millie S. Dresselhaus, Institute Professor, retires June 2007 (photo credit: Micheline Pelletier)

Retirements of Three Giants

“July 1, 2007 marked the formal retirement of three giants in the EECS Department: Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Paul E. Gray and Kenneth N. Stevens. Each of these faculty members served the Department for 45-50+ years, in each case becoming nationally and internationally recognized for her/his passion for what they were doing…”

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EECS Grads are Everywhere and They are Versatile

EECS Grads: They’re Everywhere and They’re Versatile

“Of all the engineering disciplines, electrical engineering, especially with the blend of computer science, algorithms, and extensive use of modeling techniques, seemed like the best way to achieve my numerous goals.” –Alain Cohen

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Research in the Lab of RLE EECS Professor Collin Stultz to lead to better understanding of developing drug treatments for Alzheimers Disease.

Laboratory Notes

“Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the leading cause of dementia in the United States. Due to the growth of the elderly population, the number of cases of AD is expected…”

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