EECS Newsletter Fall 2009

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EECS Department Head Eric Grimson, the Bernard M. Gordon Professor of Medical Engineering

Excellence in Challenging Times

A Message from Department Head Eric Grimson

“This past year has been an unusual one for the department, both unusually good and unusually challenging. We have many successes and accomplishments to report, and our commitment to excellence remains as strong as ever.”

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An optical micrograph of the first graphene frequency multiplier fabricated on an Si substrate.

EECS Research:Transforming the Future Now

“From revolutionary new ways of designing chips or making use of living cells’ electronic properties to designing a new scheme for quantum money (and doing away with cash altogether) or gaining understanding of human languages through statistical language learning,”

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Louis D. Smullin, 1916 - 2009

Remembering Louis D. Smullin, 1916-2009

“Louis D. Smullin, lived a full and fruitful life; a life of dedication to learning and helping others in this quest—family, friends, students, strangers.”

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Evelyn Kapusta, one of the 2008 inaugural Jacobs Presidential Fellows

In Appreciation of Graduate Fellowship Support

“Graduate students in the EECS Department at MIT are fortunate to be eligible, on acceptance into the program, for fellowship support through generous gifts from EECS alumni and friends. Read about some of these students and what this support has meant to them.”

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Jon Kleinberg, PhD '96

EECS Alums: Major Players and Thinkers

“When I arrived at MIT for graduate school in the fall of 1993, the energy level of the place was amazing, and so was the enthusiasm of the people there to share the ideas that excited them.”

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