EECS Newsletter Fall 2010

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Department Head Eric Grimson

The Many Fruitful Ways that EECS is Everywhere

A Message from Department Head Eric Grimson
“EECS is everywhere” – the department’s tag line is meant to capture the idea that EECS’ modes of thinking are central to advances in a wide variety of more

EECS faculty members interviewed on the EE-CS blend in the Department.

Interviews with six EECS faculty members

Professors Chandrakasan, Chuang, Daskalakis, Golland, Rus and Shah provide insights into the many ways that the MIT EECS Department blends electrical engineering and computer science (and much more) in a fruitful interdisciplinary more

EECS Students discuss their experience EE-CS wise.

Six EECS students discuss their experiences as they switch between EE and CS as UROPs, TAs and RAs

“Seeing simple fundamentals in 6.01 being applied to real world challenges blew my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed applying my acquired EECS background.” read more

Kevin Fischer in China, one of 85 EECS students who interned as part of the EECS - MISTI programs in 2010.

EECS International programs including EECS-MISTI and VI-A International made international internships possible for 85 EECS students in 2010.

“On my first day in Hong Kong, I began the seemingly simple task of arriving, on time, to my summer office at the Applied Science and Technology Research Institute of Hong Kong.”read more

Art Smith in his office in EECS, circa 2002.

Members of the MIT and broader community celebrated the life of Art Smith (1929-2010)

“Henry Adams said: ‘A teacher affects eternity. No one can tell where his influence ends.” So it is with Arthur C. Smith.’” –Paul Gray’s tribute to more

EECS alumnus Eran Egozy, one of five interviewed for this EECS newsletter issue

EECS Alumni/ae: taking EECS to the limits

“..we weren’t just learning one particular subject. We were learning how to learn. It was a pivotal moment of realization for me. …Course 6, would be the most challenging and most rewarding learning experiences I would have.”Eran Egozy …read more from Rolando Rabines, Bill Stasior, Lisa Su and Jeannette Wing