Awards and Honors 2004


Faculty Promotions

Promotion to Professor:
Judy Hoyt
David Karger

Associate with Tenure:
Saman Amarasinghe
William Freeman
Tommi Jaakkola
Daniela Rus

Professor with Tenure:
Ronitt Rubinfeld

Associate without Tenure:
Vladimir Buloviç
David Perreault
Piotr Indyk

Chair Appointments

Carl Richard Soderberg Professor of Power Engineering: Michael Perrott
ITT Development Chair: Robert Morris
Jamieson Career Development Chair: Jovan Popovic
Emanuel E. Landsman (1958) Career Development Professor of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science: David Perreault
Cecil H. Green Professor of Computer Science: Madhu Sudan
Fariborz Maseeh (1990) Professor of Emerging Technology: Rafael Reif

Awards and Prizes

American Physical Society membership: Jeffrey Shapiro
2003 Bacus Prize of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE): Henry Smith
IEEE Founders Medal: Mildred Dresselhaus
IEEE John von Neumann Medal: Barbara Liskov
IEEE Donald G. Fink Paper Award: Alan Wilsky
2004 IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award: Kenneth Stevens
2004 IEEE Fellows: Anantha Chandrakasan, Eric Grimson, Martin Schmidt, Greg Wornell
2004 Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award (co-winner): Muriel Médard
Junior Bose Award: David Perreault
National Academy of Science, membership: Shafi Goldwasser, Ron Rivest
Semiconductor Industry Association University Research Award: Dimitri A. Anoniadis
Ruth and Joel Spira Award: Erik Demaine
Jerome H. Saltzer (1961) Fund Prize: Gerald L. Wilson
Departmental Special Award: Duane Boning, Srinivas Devadas, and Frans Kaashoek — for their contributions to graduate student admissions, recruitment
and programs.


Undergraduate Students

Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award—for the best 6.111 laboratory project: Spring Term 2003: Adam Champy ‘04, Kevin Emery (G); Sameera Ponda ‘04
Fall Term 2003: Philip Guo ‘05, Ji Zhang ‘05.

George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Prize—for best undergraduate laboratory project: Glenn Tournier ‘04, James Warren ‘04, Eric Syu (G)

David A. Chanen Writing Award: Waseem Bakr ‘05

Robert M. Fano UROP Award—for best electrical engineering UROP project: Rob Speer ‘06

Graduate Students

Carlton E. Tucker Award: Matthew Notowidigo

Harold E. Hazen Award—for teaching excellence: Petro Boufounos

Frederick C. Hennie III Award—for teaching excellence: Nathan Srebro, Edwin Olson

George M. Sprowls Scholarship Award—for best computer science PhD thesis: Dina Katabi, ‘03; Manolis Kamvysselis, ‘03; Alex Snoeren, ‘03 (honorable mention)

Morris Joseph Levin Award—for the best MasterWorks oral thesis presentation:
Jung-Won Kim, Ali Shoeb, Watcharapan Suwansantisuk, Ashish Khisti, Vijay Divi, Frank O’Sullivan

David Adler Memorial Thesis Prize—for the best electrical engineering master’s thesis:
1st prize: Jonathan Sheffi;
2nd prize: Chen-Wen Huang;
3rd prize: Jennifer Yu

Ernst A. Guillemin Award—for best electrical engineering master’s thesis:
1st place: Ethan Crain; 2nd place: Adam Granich-Unikowsky;
3rd place: Sourav Raj Dey

Charles and Jennifer Johnson Thesis Prize—for best computer science master’s thesis:
Paul Youn, Ali Shoeb

William A. Martin Memorial Thesis Prize—for best computer science master’s thesis:
Andrew Hogue

Department Special Recognitions Awards:
Nathan Ickes, Rodrigo Rodrigues—for their contributions to departmental education awards and honors 2004

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