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Message from Incoming Department Head – L. Rafael Reif

August 2004

I am extremely excited by the opportunity to serve as the next Course VI Department Head, and to share the departmental leadership with Eric Grimson and Duane Boning. These are exciting times for our department, full of challenges and opportunities.

Incoming EECS Department Head L. Rafael Reif, summer 2004

Incoming EECS Department Head L. Rafael Reif, summer 2004

The knowledge and skills needed by a course VI graduate today continue to expand rapidly, challenging the content of our core disciplinary subjects. The emerging influence of the life sciences and the nano sciences is further challenging our ability to define the present and future EE, CS and EECS curricula. On the other hand, we are just beginning to benefit from the endless opportunities created by the close physical proximity of our CS and EE communities thanks to the opening of the Stata Center including the Dreyfoos and Gates buildings.

I am looking forward to working with our faculty, students, staff, and alumni to address these challenges and opportunities and to continue to strengthen what is undoubtedly the finest electrical engineering and computer science department in the world. Our students are the best, and they deserve our best. I can’t wait to start!

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