Awards and Honors 2005


Faculty Promotions

Full Professor

William T. Freeman — machine learning applied to computer vision, Bayesian models of visual perception, and interactive applications of computer vision
Daniel N. Jackson — software engineering, especially in development methods, design and specification, formal methods, and safety critical systems
Franz X. Kaertner — quantum electronics, ultrashort pulse lasers, laser optics, octave spanning lasers, femtosecond lasers, frequency metrology, optical clocks, femtosecond timing distribution and electronic-photonic integrated circuits
Steven B. Leeb — design, analysis, construction, control, and monitoring of servomechanical actuators and mechatronic systems. Application of exotic materials including gel polymers to actuator construction
Bruce Tidor — modeling of protein-protein interactions, focusing on electrostatic effects and structure-based drug design; systems-level biology including biological network modeling and information theory applied to data analysis

Associate with Tenure

Krste Asanovic — computer architecture, VLSI design, parallel programming and operating system design
Muriel Médard — network coding, high-speed access networks, wireless/optical interface, robustness and reliability of optical networks, wideband wireless channels, capacity of time-varying channels, capacity of packetized wireless channel
Isaac L. Chuang — information and computation, quantum computation, quantum information theory, entanglement and cryptography, silicon biology, atomic and molecular physics, spin detection and manipulation

Associate without Tenure

Michael Collins — natural language processing and machine learning
Erik D. Demaine — theoretical computer science and mathematics, in particular with connections to algorithms, discrete and computational geometry (folding and unfolding of linkages, paper, polyhedra, and proteins), advanced data structures, graph algorithms, and recreational algorithms
Michael D. Ernst — programmer productivity, including software engineering, programming languages, security, testing, and related issues
Pablo Parrilo — optimization for engineering applications. convex and algebraic optimization, control and system identification robustness analysis and synthesis

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