Awards and Honors 2006


Faculty Promotions

Full Professor

Hari Balakrishnan — networks, sensor systems, and distributed systems
Denny Freeman — biomedical engineering, measurements of nanomotions, auditory system
Alex (Sasha) Megretski — nonlinear systems, control, optimization
Martin Rinard — program analysis, compilers
Daniela Rus — robotics, sensor nets, mobile computing

Associate with Tenure

Robert Morris — wireless networked computer systems, secure operating systems
Rahul Sarpeshkar — low-power signal processing and systems, biomedical and bioelectronic systems

Associate without Tenure

Marc Baldo — organic transistors, electrical properties of organic materials
Fredo Durand — graphical rendering, computational photography
Jongyoon (Jay) Han — nanofabrication, nanofluidics, biomolecules
Steve Massaquoi — sensorimotor models, neuromorphic engineering
Rob Miller — useable security, useable program automation, human-computer interfaces
Mike Perrott — high speed communications systems, phase locked loops, CAD
Jovan Popovic — animation, shape modeling, human motion analysis
Joel Voldman — cellular bioMEMS, bioengineering
Lizhong Zheng — wireless communications, information theory

Chair Appointments

KDD Career Development Chair: Lizhong Zheng
Class of 43 Career Development Chair: Asu Ozdaglar
NBX Career Development Chair: Dina Katabi
Ross Career Development Chair: Regina Barzilay

Associate Department Head Duane Boning, left, congratulating Joel Dawson, right, following presentation of the Saltzer Award by Prof. Emeritus Jerry Saltzer, standing middle, May 2006.

Awards and Prizes

SIAG/CST Prize: Pablo Parrilo
TR 35: Regina Barzilay, Samuel Madden
Dantzig Dissertation Award: Devavrat Shah
National Institute of Medicine: Peter Szolovits
ACM UIST 2005 best paper: Robert Miller
IEEE Fellow: Jesús del Alamo
Fellow, Optical Society of America: Qing Hu
National Academy of Engineering membership: Dimitri Antoniadis, Frans Kaashoek
Van Wijngaarden prize: Nancy Lynch
IEEE SPS Educator’s Award: Al Oppenheim
Sloan Research Fellows: Erik Demaine, Fredo Durand, Dina Katabi
MIT Excellence Awards: Anne Hunter, Marilyn Pierce
IEEE 2006 Bell Award: John M. Wozencraft
2006 MacVicar Fellowship: Denny Freeman
Pender Award: Mildred Dresselhaus
Honorary Doctorate, ETH: Barbara Liskov
Microsoft Faculty Fellow: Regina Barzilay
Australian Academy of Science corresponding member: Rodney Brooks
National Academy of Science membership: James Fujimoto
Fellow of AIMBE: Sangeeta Bhatia
Irving M. London Teaching Award: Collin Stultz
OSA 2006 Frederic Ives Medal: Erich P. Ippen

Departmental Special Recognition Awards
For outstanding service to EECS:
Robert T. Morris, Dorothy Curtis, Joel Voldman, Agnes Chow
Jerome Saltzer Award: Joel I. Dawson
HKN Underground Guide Best Teaching Award: Steven Leeb
MIT ACM IEEE Best Academic Advisor Award: George C. Verghese
Graduate Student Association – Counselor Award: Alan V. Oppenheim
Ruth and Joel Spira Award for Distinguished Teaching: Valdimir Bulovic
Richard J. Caloggero Award: Amanda Cheng and Claire Benoit

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