EECS Grads are Everywhere

With exposure in such a learning environment, it is not surprising that EECS graduates pursue their passion in careers that do not necessarily follow the typical pattern, and in a variety of careers spanning the financial, management, legal, engineering, medical and service sectors.

Larry DeMar, '79, founder of Leading Edge Design in 1999, a company devoted to creating patent-protected casino game concepts.

Larry DeMar, SB ‘79, has always had a fascination with games. While majoring in 6-3 at MIT, DeMar was often found at the Student Center game room. After seeing DeMar’s 6.112 project (an arcade style video game developed with long time friend Curt Sanford ’80), Prof. Alvin Drake challenged DeMar to design a lecture demonstration system for his 6.041 probability class. DeMar built a computer video system and wrote the software for this project (winning the Guillemin prize in 1980 for Best Undergraduate Thesis in Electrical Engineering).

“I was in the middle of the emergence of this [personal computer] industry while the technology that would propel it was just coming into existence. I played a great deal of Space Invaders and the computerized pinball machines that had just been introduced—while learning about the technologies that made these games tick.”

Following MIT, DeMar became a skilled game designer and system developer for pinball maker Williams Electronics (in Chicago) working with legendary designer Eugene Jarvis, with whom DeMar independently formed video game development group Vid Kidz. Ultimately, DeMar, now the holder of 26 US patents in the fields of amusements games, bowling systems and slot machines, branched out to start Leading Edge Design in 1999, a company devoted to creating patent-protected casino game concepts.

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