EECS Grads are Everywhere

Yuchun Lee, BS and MS '89, founder of Unica Corporation.

“Collect the data; analyze the patterns; take educated risks.’ This has been my modus operandi since my days at MIT and the motivation for starting Unica Corporation,” states Yuchun Lee, BS and MS, ’89. Studying data mining at EECS, Lee relates that he “learned from the best and was most inspired by his thesis advisor, Richard Lippman” (at MIT Lincoln Laboratories), with whom he later joined to coauthor the book “Solving Data Mining Problems Through Pattern Recognition.”

Although Lee calls it a “foray,” he points to his participation in the “infamous MIT blackjack team as an opportunity to apply statistics and probability to the game”—something that is uniquely possible at a place like MIT. Lee teamed with EECS classmates, David Cheung and Ruby Kennedy to co-found Unica in 1992.

Lee notes: “The practice of calculating risks and seizing opportunities became the mantra for starting [our] company and innovating technology. MIT’s strong culture of entrepreneurship fostered every element of innovation.”

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