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Eugene Kuznetsov, SB '98, Founder and CTO of DataPower

Eugene Kuznetsov, SB ‘98, fascinated with the entrepreneurial way of life since his early teens, surrounded himself during his four years at MIT with part-time work during the semester and full-time work the rest of each year. At first, this was for smaller companies, and then eventually at Microsoft. Although he admits that working at start-ups at MIT wasn’t the ideal way to be a good student, in his words, “Even a short stint as a programmer at a startup offers an opportunity to learn something about its technical, sales and management strengths and challenges.”

Following his MIT undergraduate experience, Kuznetsov worked briefly at Analogic. Here, Bernard Gordon (founder and then CEO) was another inspiration—an electrical engineer who at 70 was combining both entrepreneurial success and continued technical involvement.

Then in 1999, girded with this experience and “the Course VI spirit,” Kuznetsov (and several other Course VI alums) started DataPower, most noted for integrating XMLaware hardware into the security management infrastructure at existing Global 1000 enterprise infrastructures. DataPower was acquired by IBM in late 2005. Kuznetsov, as DataPower founder and CTO, was selected in 2005 as one of InfoWorld’s Top 25 CTOs.

Kuznetsov recaps his experience stating:

“Course VI provided both the confidence to attempt a whole new way of connecting computer systems and the engineering knowledge to actually make it work. But it’s also the culture — IBM has this great term, ‘innovation that matters’ — which is about doing groundbreaking research that has a positive impact on the world. And MIT engineering is like that: really deep, but with an eye to the wider world.”

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