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the EECS Graduate Student Association (GSA)

While many graduate students are focusing on individual endeavors, the members of the EECS Graduate Student Association (GSA) are working to make the EECS graduate program better for all of its students. This enthusiastic group, committed to fostering communication and promoting academic, professional, and social development within EECS, works to build community by organizing new initiatives like an orientation program, TA workshops, and TQE info sessions, and expanding upon existing activities like the EECS open houses.

GSA leadership members accepting an EECS special recognition award from Dept. Head Eric Grimson, May 2006.

During the GSA orientation program, current students welcome new students to the Department and inform them about life within EECS. Through its welcome dinner, information sessions, Prudential skywalk event, and recreational day at Endicott House, the GSA orientation program helps new students become acquainted with current students, professors, one another and the Department. The casual welcome dinner provides a venue for new students to informally ask questions when they first arrive, while the information sessions allow current students to share insights and information that they wish they had known when they started the program. The Prudential skywalk and recreational day provide additional opportunities to socialize with other students and faculty members so that the new students begin to feel like a part of the EECS community before the semester begins.

Through endeavors like these, GSA members from all parts of the EECS community work together to make the departmental environment more dynamic and enjoyable while adding to their own quality of life at MIT in EECS as well.

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