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GW6, Graduate Women in Course VI

The Graduate Women in Course 6 (GW6) has a mission to facilitate interaction and bonding between graduate women in EECS, help address the needs of the department as pertaining to women students, and organize outreach events for the community at large. The group started four years ago with the goal of creating a support network for female graduate students. This goal was accomplished through social gatherings in an informal environment, which fostered discussions about issues at hand. Currently, the group is expanding its programming to encompass broader needs of the Department as a whole.

Gw6 membership at their open house 2006.

One of the events scheduled for this coming year is “Family in Academia,” which will be sponsored jointly by the EECS Graduate Student Association (EECS-GSA). In this event, we hope to have a panel of both male and female professors and spouses to discuss the issues that arise while on the strenuous tenure track in academia.

The EECS GSA and GW6 combine for a Family in Academia panel presentation by EECS faculty members, November 2006.

Last year, GW6 was one of the groups at MIT that helped organize the MIT Graduate Student Volunteer Day. We plan to continue our participation in this event during the coming year. In addition to these outreach events, we will also continue to hold social dinners to cultivate networking among graduate women in EECS.

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