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HKN, the Beta Theta Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu

Greetings from the Beta Theta Chapter of Eta Kappa Nu! As the national honor society for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, our purpose at MIT is to enhance the EECS community through academic and social endeavors.

A successful new member initiation and elections in April left us with a set of fresh officers ready to take charge for the upcoming year. We would like to thank Brian Myhre, Calvin On, Liang Hong, Jennifer Novosad, and Lynne Salameh for their guidance and leadership in the past year and facilitating a smooth transition.

The first annual General Body Meeting of the HKN Beta Theta Chapter was held in December at the Faculty Club. The meeting was a great opportunity for members from different phases and paths of life to interact with each other, as well as an impetus for members to get more involved in the organization. Thanks to Professor Patrick Winston for a great keynote speech, Qualcomm for their generous sponsorship, and to Lynne Salameh ’06 for organizing the event.

HKN Expo 2006 presenter Matt Welsh demonstrating his voice over IP phone system, designed and implemented as a final project for 6.111, Digital Systems lab class. Prof. Charles Sodini, second from left, joined the large group of interested guests.

The HKN Student Project Expo, held during IAP in January 2006, was an informal event where undergraduates and MEng students were invited to present projects from their research, class work and co-curricular interests. With significant student, faculty, and corporate participation, it is definitely an event we will continue to develop next year. Kudos to our IAP Chair Maxine Lee ‘06 for an awesome job!

Daniel Leeds further developed the tutoring program for undergraduates by hosting regular social events for the tutors and the tutees and continued this steady and very strong aspect of HKN’s efforts. The Course 6 Underground Guide is one of our longest running services to the department. Published semi-annually, this review of all the classes offered in Course 6 continues to serve as a great channel for feedback to the teaching staff and a resource for future students. This year we are transitioning to a fully online review system, thanks to the enormous efforts of our Underground Guide chairs, Brian Wu and Daniel Shultz, and a successful pilot they ran in Spring 2006.

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