Awards and Honors 2007


Faculty Promotions

Full Professor

Rajeev Ram — novel semiconductor lasers for advanced fiber optic communications; study of fundamental interactions between electronic materials and light.
Seth Teller — computer vision for navigation and mapping; robotics; sensor networks; pervasive computing; computational geometry; geometric modeling; computer graphics.

Associate Professor with Tenure

Vladimir Bulovic — physical properties of organic and hybrid organic/inorganic thin films, strucures, and devices; optoelectronic, electronic, and photonic organic devices of nano-scale thickness, including visible LEDs, lasers, solar cells, photodetectors, transistors, and flexible and transparent optoelectronics.
Erik Demaine — algorithms and data structures; discrete and computational geometry; combinatorial games.
Michael Ernst — programmer productivity, software engineering, program analysis, and programming language design.
Piotr Indyk — computational geometry, especially in high-dimensional spaces; databases and information retrieval; learning theory; design and analysis of algorithms.
David Perreault — electronic circuit design, power electronics and energy conversion, control; applications to industrial, commercial, scientific, transportation, and biomedical systems.

Associate Professor without Tenure

Regina Barzilay — natural language processing. Karl Berggren — nanofabrication methods; superconductive quantum computing devices; nanowire single-photon detectors; reconfigurable analog circuits.
Luca Daniel — parameterized model order reduction and nonlinear dynamical systems; mixed-signal, RF and mm-wave circuit modeling and robust optimization; power electronics, MEMs design and fabrication.
Dina Katabi — computer networks and data communication; congestion control, network measurements, scalability and robustness of communications systems; differentiated services, internet pricing, routing, content distribution, self-configurable and wireless networks and network security.
Samuel Madden — databases and computer systems; query processing, distributed systems, management of streaming data, adaptive data processing, sensor networking.
Asuman Ozdaglar — nonlinear optimization and convex analysis; parallel and distributed algorithms; game theory; network economics, pricing, and resource allocation games; network optimization and control.

Chair Appointments

Class of ’64 Distinguished Alumni Career Development Assistant Professor: Polina Golland
NBX Career Development Assistant Professor: Robert Miller
Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Assistant Professor: Vivek K. Goyal
Karl Van Tassel Career Development Assistant Professor: Manolis Kellis
Class of ‘47 Career Development Associate Professor: Dina Katabi
W. M. Keck Career Development Assistant Professor: Collin Stultz
Emanuel E. Landsman (1958) Career Development Associate Professor: Karl K. Berggren, Luca Daniel
Finmeccanica Career Development Associate Professor: Pablo Parrilo
Dugald C. Jackson Professor: Silvio Micali
MacVicar Faculty Fellow: Charles Leiserson
Donner Professor: Jesús del Alamo
Clarence J. LeBel Professor: Charles Sodini, John Tsitsiklis

Awards and Prizes

TR35: Manolis Kellis
Honorary Doctorates: l’Université de Nantes; Université Paris X: Nanterre: Jin Au Kong
IEEE Fellow: Steven B. Leeb
2007 IEEE Kilby Medal: Alan V. Oppenheim
2006 ACM Fellow: Arvind, John V. Guttag, Charles E. Leiserson
2006 APS Fellow: Qing Hu
NAE Membership: Tim Berners-Lee, James L. Kirtley, Jr., Silvio Micali, John N. Tsitsiklis
2007 L’Oréal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science: Mildred S. Dresselhaus
2007 Sloan Research Fellow: Samuel Madden
NAS Membership: Silvio Micali
American Academy of Arts & Sciences 2007 Fellow: Rodney Brooks
IACR 2007 Fellow: Shafi Goldwasser, Silvio Micali
AACC Bellman Control Heritage Award: Sanjoy Mitter
Honoris Causi: University of Pennsylvania; University of Little Rock at Arkansas:
Mildred S. Dresselhaus
2007 Marconi Fellow: Ronald L. Rivest
Departmental Special Recognition Awards For Outstanding Service to EECS:
Frederick C. Hennie III, Cynthia Skier
Jamieson Prize for Excellence in Teaching: Jeff Lang, Tomás Lozano-Pérez
Smullin Award for Undergraduate Teaching: Robert Miller
Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award: Frédo Durand
Graduate Student Association Counselor Award: Leslie Kolodziejski
Eta Kappa Nu Award for Teaching: Anantha Chandrakasan
IEEE/ACM Award for Undergraduate Advising: Denny Freeman


Undergraduate Students

Licklider UROP Award: Sean Liu ‘10
Morais ‘86 and Rosenblum ‘86 UROP Award: Matthew Papi ‘07
Robert M. Fano UROP Award: Ryan Bavetta ‘07, Zachary Remscrim ‘08, Sara L. Campbell ‘10
Anna Pogosyants UROP Award: Bo Zhu ‘08
Nylander Advanced Undergraduate Project Award: Stephan Green ‘07
Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award, 6.111 project ST06: Igor Ginzburg, (G)
Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award, 6.111 project FT06: Jonathan Burnham ’08, Christopher Hoffman ’08, Kevin Miu, (G), Maura Cordial ’08, Irene Zhang ‘08
George C. Newton Undergraduate Laboratory Prize:

First place: Hyeyoun Chung ‘07
Second place: Mariela E. Buchin ’08, Won Ron Cho ’07, Charles S. Fisher ‘08

David A. Chanen Writing Award for best paper in 6.033: Alexander V. Valys ‘08

EECS PhD grads celebrate (at last), the EECS Hooding reception, June 2007.

EECS PhD grads celebrate (at last), the EECS Hooding reception, June 2007.

Graduate Students

J Francis Reintjes Excellence in VI-A Industrial Practice Award: Masood Qazi
Carlton E. Tucker Teaching Award: Shawn Staker
SoE Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring: Hubert Pham
Harold L. Hazen Teaching Award: Melanie Rudoy, Chris Laughman
Frederick C. Hennie III Teaching Award: Zahi Karam, Tiffany Dohzen, Chung Chen
Morris Joseph Levin Award for Outstanding MasterWorks Oral Thesis Presentation:
John J. Cooley, Eitan Reich, Arvind Thiagarajan, Robert Pilawa, Archana Venkataraman
Charles and Jennifer Johnson Thesis Award for Outstanding Computer Science M.Eng. Thesis:

First place: Pawan Desphande
Second place: Matthew S. Tschantz, Joshua Grochow, Eitan Reich

William A. Martin Memorial Thesis Award for Outstanding Computer Science SM Thesis: Jonathan Ragan-Kelly
David Adler Memorial Thesis Award for Outstanding Electrical Engineering M.Eng. Thesis:
John J. Cooley, Jaime Lien
Ernst A. Guillemin Thesis Award for Outstanding Electrical Engineering SM Thesis:

First place: Noah Stein, Vanessa Wood
Second place: Anthony Sagneri, Leonardo Gomez

George M. Sprowls Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis in Computer Science (from 2006):
Michael Coen, Yael Tauman Kalai; Honorable Mentions: Nicholas Greer Feamster, Erik B. Sudderth, Robert W. Sumner
2007 MIT IDEAS Competition – The Yunus Innovation Challenge Awards:

Cabanga team (EECS) members: Manish Bhardwaj, Bill Thies

Department Head’s Special Recognition Awards:

Max van Kleek, for the development, maintenance and extension of the Department’s information kiosk. Keith Santarelli, Sourav Dey and Mario Valenti, for founding the REFs program, which provides mediation services to students in the department.

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