Course VI: Constantly Evolving for the Better

A Message from Department Head – Eric Grimson

September 2007

I am delighted to be able to update our many alumni/alumnae and supporters on the state of the department. This has been and continues to be a period of many changes within the department: changes in personnel, changes in curriculum, changes in student interests, changes in research directions. Change is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. As a top-ranked department in electrical engineering, in computer engineering, and in computer science, it is tempting to not meddle with things, since we must be doing something right. But the field is constantly changing. Our students have increasingly broad and globe-spanning interests and career goals, as evidenced by the examples of alumni and alumnae featured later in this newsletter. And the skills and knowledge that our graduates need in order to be next-generation leaders are expanding; hence, we are adapting our curriculum as described later. The scope and impact of cutting edge research in electrical engineering and in computer science are reaching ever more broadly into all aspects of modern life, as seen in the sampling of research descriptions provided in this newsletter.

Hence, the department continues in a state of constant evolution: changing what and how we teach, the directions of our research agendas, and the composition of the department. Throughout this newsletter, we hope to give you a glimpse of this ongoing evolution, and how it is driven by the desire to remain a pre-eminent department in research and education, nationally and internationally.

The Stata Center as seen from the top of building 16 on an evening in June 2008.

The Stata Center as seen from the top of building 16 on an evening in June 2008.

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