In Memory: Henry J. Zimmerman 1916 – 2007

Henry J. Zimmermann 1916-2007

Henry J. Zimmermann 1916-2007

Henry J. Zimmermann, Professor Emeritus ofElectrical Engineering and fourth Director of the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE), died 18 March 2007. Current RLE Director, Prof. Jeffrey Shapiro noted:

“Professor Zimmermann was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1916. He graduated from Washington University (BS ‘38) and MIT (SM ‘42). He joined MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering as a research assistant in 1940, and was appointed Assistant Professor in 1946, Associate Professor in 1948, and Professor in 1955.

During World War II, he organized and developed radar training courses in MIT’s Radar School, first as an instructor (1941-42), then supervisor of Army courses (1942-44), and finally Assistant Director (1944-46).
He also co-authored the school’s landmark book, Principles of Radar.

In 1947, he became a staff member of RLE, where he supervised Project Meteor to develop guided missiles. He was appointed Associate Director of RLE in 1952, and became the Laboratory’s fourth Director in 1961. He remained Director until 1976. Henry Zimmerman was also known for his technical contributions in microwave systems, nonlinear circuits, and signal processing.”

Professor Zimmermann is survived by his wife of sixty one years Priscilla (Durland) Zimmermann of North Andover; and children Brenda, Gail, Karl and John.

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