EECS Faculty Awards and Honors 2008

Faculty Promotions:

Full Professor:

Sangeeta Bhatia — Applications of micro-and nanotechnology in regenerative medicine, cell-based biomems, bionanotechnology
Tommi Jaakkola — Statistical inference and machine learning. Applications to computational
biology and information retrieval. Artificial intelligence.
Muriel Médard — Wireless systems’ capacity and fading channels. Optical networks, network robustness and reliability. Network coding.
Pablo Parrilo — Control and identification of uncertain complex systems, robustness analysis and synthesis, and the development and application of computational tools based on convex optimization and algorithmic algebra to practically relevant problems in engineering, economics and physics.

Associate Professor with tenure:

Mike Collins — Natural language processing and machine learning.
Frédo Durand — Image generation and creation; realistic rendering, real-time graphics,
perceptually-based algorithms, non-photorealistic rendering, image-based rendering and editing, digital photography.
Asu Ozdaglar — Nonlinear optimization and convex analysis; parallel and distributed algorithms; game theory; network economics, pricing, and resource allocation games; network optimization and control.

Associate Professor without tenure:

Elfar Adalsteinsson — Medical imaging with magnetic resonance and methods for optimal acquisition, reconstruction, and processing of imaging data acquired in vivo.
Polina Golland — Developing novel techniques for image analysis and understanding. Statistical modeling, shape representation. Medical and biological imaging applications.
Vivek Goyal — Signal processing theory, applications and algorithms; information theory, with an emphasis on source coding; information transport, including both representations and network issues.
Manolis Kellis — Computational biology. Genome interpretation, comparative genomics, regulatory networks, cellular signals, developmental biology, evolutionary theory. Algorithms and machine learning applications in genomics.
Collin Stultz — Conformational changes in macromolecules and the effect of structural transitions on human diseases. Gain insights into the role of molecular structure by utilizing techniques drawn from computational chemistry, signal processing, and basic biochemistry.
Antonio Torralba — Computer vision, machine learning and human perception; development of computer vision systems and solving real world recognition tasks; modeling human perceptual and cognitive capabilities; object recognition, classification of whole scenes; visual recognition and classification of places and objects.

Faculty Chairs:

Tim Berners-Lee — 3Com Founders Professor of Engineering
Jing Kong — ITT Career Development Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Devavrat Shah — Jamieson Career Development Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Russell L. Tedrake — X-Consortium Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Antonio Torralba — Esther and Harold E. Edgerton Career Development Associate Professor
Mehmet Fatih Yanik — Robert J. Shillman (1974) Career Development Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Lizhong Zheng — Steven G. (1968) and Renee Finn Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

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Faculty Awards:

IEEE Fellows:

Jacob White — for contributions to simulation tools for RF circuits, electrical interconnects, and micro-machined devices.
Muriel Médard — for contributions to wideband wireless fading channels and network coding.
Judy Hoyt — for contributions to silicon-based heterostructure devices and technology.
Roger Mark — for development of physiologic signal databases and automated arrhythmia.
Tayo Akinwande — for contributions to the development of digital self-aligned gate technology and vacuum microelectronic devices.

ACM Fellow: Anant Agarwal

NIH New Innovator Award: Mehmet Fatih Yanik

AAPT Oersted Medal: Mildred S. Dresselhaus

Optical Society of America, OSA Fellow: Franz Kaertner

National Academy of Engineering membership: Arvind

2008 IEEE/LEOS Quantum Electronics Award: Jeffrey Shapiro

ACM 2008 SIGPLAN programmingachievement award: Barbara Liskov

Academician of Academia Sinica: Victor Zue

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Inaba Award: Rodney Brooks

Burgess & Elizabeth Jamieson Teaching Award: Ronald Rivest, Chris Terman

HHMI Investigator Award: Sangeeta Bhatia

AACC 2008 Eckman Award: Asuman Ozdaglar

DARPA Young Faculty Award: Tomás Palacios

NSF Career Award: Joel Dawson

Microsoft New Faculty Fellow: Russ Tedrake

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