Donor Recognition

“The amazing level of support from alumni since the onset of the national economic crisis has been both heartening and inspiring. For this we are extremely grateful.”
— Eric Grimson, fall 2009

We at EECS extend out thanks to the generous donors listed below who made gifts to the Department this year. We have attempted to list all donors of $100 or more to EECS for Fiscal year 2009 (July 1, 2008-June 30, 2009), unless anonymity was requested. Although care has been taken in the preparation of this list, some errors or omissions may have occurred; for these we extend our sincere apologies. If you designated your gift to the EECS Department and your name does not appear here or is incorrectly listed, please bring the error to our attention. (*deceased).

All donor recognition categories are exclusive of corporate matching gifts.



Alan L. McWhorter ScD’55



Amar G. Bose ’51, SM’52, ScD’56



James D. Ahlgren ’55
Michael Athans
Sunlin Chou ’66, SM’67, EE’68
Paul A. Green II ’73
Daniel B. Grunberg ’82, SM’83, PhD’86
Michael G. Hluchyj EE’79, SM’79, PhD’82
Carl W Hoffman ’80
Charlene C. Kabcenell ’79
Dirk A. Kabcenell ’75
Friends of Jin Au Kong
Ronald B. Koo ’89, SM’90
John C. Pinson SM’54, ScD’57
James K. Roberge ’60, SM’62, ScD’66
Nils R. Sandell SM’71, EE’73, PhD’74
David S. Soane
Zoya Soane
Andrew F. Stark ’97, MEng’98
Henry M. Wu ’86, SM’87
Kenneth M. Yip ’79, SM’81, PhD’89



Abraham I. Dranetz SM’48
Arthur A. Gleckler ’88, SM’92
James A. Goldstein ’89
John C. Hardwick ’86, SM’88, PhD’92
Carol C. Herder
Charles H. Herder
David Lee ’46
Anthony J. Ley SM’63
Ervin F. Lyon SM’59, PhD’66
Kenneth W. Nill ’61, SM’63, PhD’66
William L. Sammons ’43, SM’44
Joel E. Schindall ’63, SM’64, PhD’67
Gunter Stein
John D. Summers SM’84
Michael W. Szeto ’72, SM’72
Valerie C. Szeto
Edward G. Tiedemann Jr. PhD’87
Alan S. Willsky ’69, PhD’73
Ronald E. Zelazo ’66, SM’67, EE’69, PhD’71
Francis H. Zenie ‘56



Jose M. Brito Infante SM’62, EE’63
Charles G. Bures ’69
Michele W. Chan ’84
Chung-Kwang Chou
Grace W. Chou
Adrian B. Danieli ’97, MEng’98
Donald A. Dobson SM’51
Norman Doelling ’53, SM’55
David H. Doo ’77
Paul R. Drouilhet Jr. ’54, SM’55, EE’57
Paul D. Edelman PhD’78
Robert M. Fano ’41, ScD’47
G. David D. Forney SM’63, ScD’65
Edward C. Giaimo III ’74, SM’75
Yehuda Golahny SM’54
Donald J. Gray ’50, SM’52
Sol W. Gully
John V. Guttag
Olga P. Guttag
Donald H.* & Ruth A.* Hageman Trust
Gordon K. Harris Jr. SM’66
Joshua Y. Hayase ’52, EE’57, SM’57
Jerrold A. Heller SM’64, PhD’67
Steven J. Henry ’72, SM’73
Donald A. Hess ’66*
Charles Hieken ’51, SM’52
Karen W. Ho 1994
Sou K. Ho
Wai K. Ho
Richard B. Hodgman Jr. ’69
Gim P. Hom ’71, SM’72, EE’73, SM’73
Tareq I. Hoque ’88, SM’88, SM’92
William W. Irving Jr. ’87, SM’91,
EE ’92, MEng ’92
Carl J. Johnson SM ’65
Anita K. Jones
Tina Kapur SM ’95, PhD’99
William F. Kelly SM’61, EE’63
Wen Y. Kong
Ernest R. Kretzmer SM’46, ScD’49
James W. Lambert ’76
Kristina S. Lambert ’76
Yang-Pal Lee ’72
Frederick J. Leonberger SM’71, EE’72, PhD’75
David H. Liang ’81
Frank J. H. Liu EE’66
Henrique S. Malvar PhD’86
Hardy C. Martel SM’50
Kenneth E. McVicar SM’50
Paola Fano Nisonger SM’79
Robert L. Nisonger SM’78
Paul L. Penfield Jr. ScD’60
Sharon E. Perl SM’88, PhD’92
Alma B. Pomponi PhD’61
Silvester J. Pomponi ’57
Senad Prusac ’90, ’91
Alexander L. Pugh III SM’53, EE’59
Ellen E. Reintjes ’73
John F. Reintjes Jr. ’66
William Reintjes
James R. Relyea SM’58
Roger A. Roach ’67
Joseph J. Rocchio Jr. ’57, SM’58
John E. Savage ’61, SM’62, PhD’65
Malcolm L. Schoenberg ’45
Richard J. Schwartz SM’59, ScD’62
Charles L. Seitz ’65, SM’67, PhD’71
Burton J. Smith SM’68, EE’69, ScD’72
William M. Snyder Jr. SM’39
Donald H. Steinbrecher SM’63, PhD’66
David L. Sulman SM’69
Daniel M. Teal ’89
Aurelie Thiele SM’00, PhD’04
Richard D. Thornton SM’54, ScD’57
Richard L. Townsend SM’59, EE’60
John A. Tucker Estate
Joseph E. Wall EE’76, SM’76, PhD’78
Kang-Lung Wang SM’66, PhD’70
Shen-Wei Wang PhD’68
John W. Wissinger PhD’94
Joseph F. Wrinn ’75
Katsumi Yamane SM’71
Anthony Yen SM’87, EE’88, PhD’92
Dale A. Zeskind EE’76, SM’76
Bazil R. Zingali ’58

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