EECS Faculty Awards and Honors 2009

Faculty Promotions:

Full Professor:

Saman Amarasinghe — Compiler optimizations, computer architectures, software engineering and parallel computing
Isaac Chuang — Quantum information science, quantum physics, computation and physics

Associate Professor with tenure:

Marc Baldo — organic electronics, soft semiconductors
Karl Berggren — nanofabrication, superconductive electronics
Jay Han (dual with BE) — bioMEMS, microfluidics
Dina Katabi — computer networks, data communication
Sam Madden — databases, networked information sources
Rob Miller — human/computer interactions, user interfaces
Li-Shiuan Peh — interconnection networks with particular interest in power-aware interconnection networks
Joel Voldman — bioMEMS, microfabrication
Ron Weiss — engineering foundation for synthetic biology, novel applications such as programmed tissue engineering, diabetes, engineered neuronal circuits
Lizhong Zheng — information theory, communications

Associate Professor without tenure:

Joel Dawson — analog system theory, RF transceivers, power amplifier linearization, high speed data conversion, problems in nonlinear control
Jing Kong — chemical syntheses/device integration of low dimensional materials, Raman spectroscopy characterization
Devavrat Shah — network algorithms, scaling laws for networks, stochastic networks, message passing algorithms, statistical inference
Vladimir Stojanovic — modeling of noise and dynamics in circuits and systems, application of convex optimization to digital communications, analog and VLSI circuits
Russ Tedrake — machine learning and robotics with particular emphasis on solving difficult robotic control problems through a close coupling of mechanical design and learning control

New Faculty Chairs:

Leslie Kaelbling — Ellen Swallow Richards Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Tomás Lozano-Perez is the new School of Engineering Professor in Teaching Excellence
Scott Aaronson — TIBCO Career Development Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Joel Dawson — Mark Hyman, Jr. Career Development Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Nickolai Zeldovich — Douglas T. Ross Career Development Assistant Professor of Software Technology

Faculty Awards*:

Barbara Liskov — received the top honor in Computer Science, the Association for Computing Machinery 2008 A.M. Turing Award, with the citation: “For contributions to practical and theoretical foundations of programming language and system design, especially related to data abstraction, fault tolerance, and distributed computing.”

Read more about this tremendous honor in the EECS spotlight on Barbara Liskov and in MIT’s Spectrum magazine.

Millie Dresselhaus — was awarded the National Science Board 2009 Vannevar Bush Medal “for her extraordinary contributions to the field of condensed matter and materials physics, especially in nanoscience and carbon science relevant to energy-related applications; for her extensive public service to the scientific community through national leadership and promotion of international collaboration in science; and for her historic role in enlarging opportunities for women in science in the United States and the world.” Read more about this achievement at the National Science Foundation website.

Association of Computing Machinery Fellows:

Hari Balakrishnan “for contributions to computer networking and distributed systems,” David Karger “for efficient algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems based on randomization,” Joel Moses for “developing the Macsyma computer system for formula manipulation,” Martin Rinard “for his contributions to program analysis for parallel computing and techniques for enabling software systems to execute successfully in the face of errors and failures,” and Madhu Sudan for “contributions to algorithms and complexity theory”

IEEE Fellows:

William T. Freeman “for contributions to computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning,” Franz X. Kaertner “for contributions to ultrafast optics,”and Joel Schindall “for leadership in satellite communication and surveillance systems”

National Academy of Engineering member:

Jack Dennis

IEEE Donald G. Fink Award:

G. David Forney

IEEE 2009 Emanuel R. Piore Award:

Nancy Lynch

AAAS Fellow:

Martha L. Gray

National Academy of Sciences membership:

Tim Berners-Lee

AAAI Fellow:

Daniela Rus


Joel L. Dawson

MacVicar Fellows:

Vladimir Bulovic, Daniel Jackson

Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching in the MIT School of Engineering 2009:

Vladimir Bulovic

*These represent only a fraction of the numerous awards received by EECS faculty in the academic 2008-09 year. For more complete information please visit the EECS website announcements and the Department wide awards event the ‘Spring Fling‘ held each spring.

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