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Graduate students in the EECS Department at MIT are fortunate to be eligible, on acceptance into the program, for fellowship support through generous gifts from EECS alumni and friends. Several recipients of this fellowship support have written about the opportunities made possible for them.

Fifteen inaugural Irwin Mark Jacobs (SM ’57, PhD ’59) and Joan Klein Jacobs Presidential Fellows are now launched in their second year of graduate work thanks to the support they received as they entered EECS in Fall 2008. Read more about the generous support given to EECS graduate students from Irwin and Joan Jacobs in the 2007 MIT News Office article.

The other 2008 inaugural Jacobs Presidential Fellows, not spotlighted here include: Justin Burkhart, Hossein Fariborzi, Soheil Feizi-Khankandi, Shao-L. Huang, Katrina LaCurts, Sidhant Misra, Samuel Perli, Xi Wang and Lei Zhang. The fall term 2009 class of Jacobs Presidential Fellows include Prasant Gopal Anumanchipalli, Giancarlo Baldan, Flavio Calmon, Matthew Carey, Ramesh Chandra, Kimon Drakopoulos, Diego Feijer Rovira, Qing He, Daw-Sen Hwang, Vivi Jayanty, Rui Li, Yandong Mao, Joseph G. McMichael, Raluca Popa, Zachary Remscrim, Arman Rezaee, Kuang Xu, and Weifei Zeng.

--Evelyn Kapusta, 2008 Jacobs Presidential Fellow

— Evelyn Kapusta, 2008 Jacobs Presidential Fellow

“I came into MIT very open minded with a background in free space communication systems and device characterization. After a year at MIT, I have come to love device fabrication, specifically for integrated photonic networks. My motivation comes from my natural ability to do research. I am at MIT because I have followed what makes me happy rather than what I want to gain or bring to the world. Eventually I would like to take what I have learned and inspire others with it, especially young girls who are continually told by the world that math and science is not the field for them.

Personally, the Jacob’s Presidential Fellowship provided me with a safety net during the first year. Although I had a research project I didn’t have to focus on it, because my funding was coming from the Jacob’s Presidential Fellowship. This gave me the freedom to reshape the way I think and approach problems. Without the support of the fellowship, I don’t know if I would have ever taken the chance. Thank you!”
Evelyn Kapusta, Jacobs Presidential Fellow 2008

— Zohaib Mahmood, Jacobs Presidential Fellow, 2008

— Zohaib Mahmood, Jacobs Presidential Fellow, 2008

“When I came to MIT, I had an invisible fortress built around my research domain, which was pure electrical engineering. After I started my research and got exposure by the seminars and talks given by distinguished researchers, I realized how exciting multidisciplinary research can get. Now, I feel highly intrigued by the idea of applying my skill set to solve problems from other fields in particular physics and medical sciences.

I am currently working with the computational prototyping group under EECS Prof. Luca Daniel. My research focus is on the automatic extraction of nonlinear macromodels for analog circuits. Using semi-definite programming and other convex optimization techniques, we identify a compact dynamical model for the system while preserving its important physical properties. I believe that I shall be able to take these techniques to the next level by finding novel and unexplored applications.

The idea of joining MIT always made me feel at home. MIT people care very much about you even before joining them. I did not get such a response from any other institute. This makes MIT unique.”
Zohaib Mahmood, Jacobs Presidential Fellow 2008

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