A UROP’s view of EECS: Carine Abi Akar

Carine Abi Akar continued

Carine Abi Akar presented a brief overview of her UROP experience at the Campus Preview Open House in EECS held in April 2010.

Carine Abi Akar presented a brief overview of her UROP experience at the Campus Preview Open House in EECS held in April 2010.

Q. In what ways did this research combine your education in both electrical engineering and computer science? Is that at all what made it fun for you? and in what ways did it stretch you to learn more about CS or vice versa as you went on with the project?

Carine Abi-Akar: “When I first came to MIT I was unsure about what course on which to decide. I was in between Course 6 and Course 16. After discovering HAL and working on the MAV-VUE project, I realized my passion for design and development. This affected the tasks I took in my project research and affirmed my choice as a student in course 6. My UROP allowed me to see and experience several different concentrations such as hardware, wireless networks, human interaction, and user interface development. In one experiment alone, all these concentrations were a must to get successful results! Seeing simple fundamentals in 6.01 being applied to real world challenges blew my mind and I thoroughly enjoyed applying my acquired EECS background. My UROP also geared me towards recognizing my love for CS, more so than EE and as a result, I am now a 6-3 student.”

Q. Over time and with many possible avenues made available to you, how have you found your interests in EE and CS have evolved?

Carine Abi-Akar: “I would have never been course 6 if the field was not so diverse. I am not one to settle down on one topic forever. I love the department because it gives me the capacity to be interested in several very different things throughout my university career. Also, gaining such different experiences definitely helps in the long run, after university, to be able to understand and tackle future problems in the field. Electrical engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. Each is dependent on the other. The EECS Department does a great job of seamlessly combining all these fields together and helping each student focus on their section of interest. My UROP involves, but is not limited to, both hardware and software. As my education in my classes progressed, I tended to take on roles in the project that were more CS oriented. This helped me advance in my knowledge in software construction with real world hardware, complementing my coursework in 6-3 and helping me stay informed in the other domains, 6-1 and 6-2.”

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5 Responses to “A UROP’s view of EECS: Carine Abi Akar”

  1. Hey Carine,

    Thanks for the useful feedback on EECS. I’ve been thinking of minoring in Computer Science but I haven’t decided whether or not to take the plunge. I’m currently a Neuroscience major, but I’ve always been interested in Engineering. Reading about your experiences has made me lean more toward giving it a try. The quad-rotor MAVs sound really cool!

    - Pat

  2. Brian Carreon says:

    Hi Carine -

    Your little sister brought this article to our attention during class :) . It is great to see you doing amazing things with your studies! I hope that you are still enjoying and pushing yourself further with mathematics. Math is the highest level of learning, after all.

    It’s also reassuring to see that you are becoming successful at MIT, and I wish you all the best as you begin to think about your next step.

    My only question is….It’s clear you are working hard. Are you partying harder? ;)


  3. Carine Abi Akar says:

    @Pat: Pat, I was undecided for a very long time but found something that combined all my interests into one big project. Find a UROP! Neuroscience and engineering definitely overlap!

    @Brian: Math is above all Brian, you know that:) And if you know me at all (which you do), you already know the answer to your question.. Don’t give my sister too much of a hard time, she’s not as stubborn as I was (she’ll actually do the work you assign her). Take care!

  4. mohsen says:

    hi Carine i want get help for build quad rotor

  5. Budy says:

    it’s cool, woman in computer engineering

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