EECS Faculty Awards and Honors

Faculty Promotions:

Full Professor:

Vladimir Bulovic—physical properties of nanostructured thin films, interfaces, and devices, including fundamental contributions that apply to the development of optoelectronic, electronic and photonic devices.

Robert Morris—modular software-based routers, analysis of the aggregation behavior of Internet traffic, and scalable ad-hoc routing.

Associate Professor with tenure:

Regina Barzilay—natural language processing.

Luca Daniel—parameterized model order reduction and nonlinear dynamical systems; mixed-signal, RF and mm-wave circuit modeling and robust optimization; power electronics, MEMs design and fabrication.

Associate Professor without tenure:

Scott Aaronson—what are the ultimate limits on what can feasibly be computed in the physical world, and how can studying those limits shed light on basic issues in physics. His work combines computational complexity with physics, and he has made contributions to traditional complexity theory and especially in quantum computing complexity.

Tomas Palacios—design and analysis of advanced electronic devices based on new materials and nanotechnology, with advances both in improving existing devices and in fabricating completely new semiconductor-based micro- and nano-systems.

Fatih Yanik—development and application of high-throughput technologies that investigate the complex development, function and regeneration of the nervous system. His work combines techniques from micromanipulation, microfluidics, ultrafast optics, advanced microscopy, quantum physics, genetics and biochemistry; and he has applied his techniques to the study of a variety of organisms: C. elegans, zebrafish, mice, and human embryonic stem cells.

New Faculty Chairs:

Sangeeta Bhatia—John and Dorothy Wilson Professorship

Patrick Jaillet—Dugald C. Jackson Chair (coholder)

Leslie Kaelbling—Panasonic Chair

Harry S. Lee—Advanced Television and Signal Processing Chair

Silvio Micali—Ford Professor of Engineering

New Career Development Chairs:

Tomas Palacios—Emanuel E. Landsman (1958) Career Development Chair

Armando Solar-Lezama—NBX Career Development Chair

Vladimir Stojanovic—Emanuel E. Landsman (1958) Career Development Chair

Dana Weinstein—Steven G. (1968) and Renee Finn Career Development Chair

Hae-Seung (Harry) Lee—the Advanced Television and Signal Processing Professorship (made possible by EECS Professor Jae S. Lim, principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics, RLE)

Faculty Awards*:

IEEE Founders Medal 2010

Paul E. Gray

IEEE SPS Technical Achievement Award

Alan S. Willsky

IEEE Andrew S. Grove Award

Judy Hoyt

IEEE Fellows 2010

Qing Hu, Daniela Rus, Madhu Sudan

IEEE Azriel Rosenfeld Award

Berthold K. P. Horn

American Academy of Arts & Sciences, AAAS Fellows 2010

Qing Hu, Tom Knight and Bruce Tidor

National Academy of Engineering membership

Alan S. Willsky

American Academy of Arts & Sciences Fellow 2010

Nancy Lynch, Michael Stonebraker, Madhu Sudan

2010 Benjamin Franklin Medal

Shafi Goldwasser

INFORMS Expository Writing Award

Dimitri P. Bertsekas

2010 RLE Allen Award

Vladimir Stojanovic, Mehmet Fatih Yanik

NIH 2010 Transformative R01 Award

Mehmet Fatih Yanik

International Symposium on Compound Semiconductors, ISCS Young Scientist Award

Tomas Palacios

2010 Sloan Research Fellows

Costis Daskalakis, Nickolai Zeldovich

2010 ACM SIGOPS Mark Weiser Award

Robert Morris

Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)

Scott Aaronson, Manolis Kellis

SoE Junior Bose Award

Scott Aaronson

MIT Killian Award 2010-2011

Ron Rivest

MacVicar Faculty Fellow 2010

Rajeev Ram

Bose Award for Excellence in Teaching in MIT School of Engineering 2010

Daniel Jackson

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