Interviews with EECS Faculty members

One of the many reasons why ‘EECS is everywhere’ has a lot to do with the popular use of devices and technologies affecting every aspect of modern life. These would not be possible without the interplay of electrical engineering with computer science. Six faculty members of the MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science reflect on this increasing cross over–what it means to them and in many cases how it is part of the broader interdisciplinary nature of engineering and science. Anantha Chandrakasan, Isaac Chuang, Costis Daskalakis, Polina Golland, Daniela Rus and Devavrat Shah reflect on this reality and what it means to them now and what it may mean into the future.

EECS Professor Anantha Chandrakasan

An Interview with Anantha Chandrakasan

“In virtually every research project, I find myself talking to or collaborating with my colleagues in CS. Optimizing just the underlying circuits is not sufficient to implement energy efficient systems. Optimizing the energy consumption requires a system-level viewpoint.”read more

EECS Professor Isaac Chuang

Interview with Professor Isaac Chuang

“As a freshman at MIT, twenty five years ago, I remember being thrilled to see a few connections materializing between apparently disparate subjects, like the differential equations of 18.03 suddenly being used to describe circuits, in 6.002. Today, in my role as a teacher here, …”read more

EECS Professor Costis Daskalakis

Interview with Professor Costis Daskalakis

“Over the years, I found my familiarity with the many layers that make up a computational system–from the physical to the software layer–an important part of my culture as a computer scientist. It helps me understand my colleagues and students, …”read more

Polina Golland

Interview with Professor Polina Golland

“EECS students at MIT have an opportunity to truly blend the two disciplines in their curriculum, and I see many of them take advantage of this feature of our department, perhaps not realizing how special it is.”read more

EECS Professor Daniela Rus

Interview with Professor Daniela Rus

“The interplay between EE and CS is core to our department’s teaching philosophy. Our courses are grounded in an interdisciplinary philosophy, but these ideas were just being born at the time I started studying robotics in a computer science department.”read more

EECS Professor Devavrat Shah

Interview with Professor Devavrat Shah

“Put simply, we need a unified meaning of ‘Systems’ in contrast to ‘EE Systems’ and ‘CS Systems’ which have different connotations. That is, we need to cross EE vs CS, theory vs practice boundaries a lot more often. Preparing students to undertake these challenges would require broad education.”read more

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