The Many Fruitful Ways that EECS is Everywhere

A message from Department Head – Eric Grimson


“EECS is everywhere” – the Department’s tag line is meant to capture the idea that EECS’ modes of thinking are central to advances in a wide variety of fields. Of course our graduates go on to challenging and successful careers in a range of electronics or computer industries: software engineering, communications, electronic devices, computer systems, enterprise systems, databases, and many others. And, some of our graduates go on to successes as entrepreneurs, creating startups covering a wealth of areas, from entertainment companies to robotics companies to Web enterprise companies to many others. But many of our graduates also go on to careers in other areas. A recent survey of graduate alumni shows that a surprising number take positions with financial firms, with management consultancies, and with life sciences companies. And a recent survey of undergraduate alumni show that of those taking jobs rather than going to graduate school (about 65% currently do go on to graduate school, including 5% to law school, 5% to medical schools and 20% to business school), 15% take positions with financial firms, and another 15% take non-traditional career paths. Thus, EECS clearly is everywhere, and certainly our graduates are as well.

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