Celebrating EECS labs: CSAIL, LIDS, MTL & RLE

The MIT Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, EECS, is comprised of a diverse faculty (roughly 130) engaged in research spanning computer science and electrical engineering in an increasingly wide array of interdisciplinary approaches to complex topics often springing from collaborations across the Institute and beyond. These range from artificial intelligence (flying robots, for example) to future of superfast computer systems run by multicore processors, from developing the next level of solar energy storage via excitons, to quantum computation and communications, from developing a very simple algorithm for medium access control for wireless networks to developing systems essential to the future of urban mobility, from new means for power efficiency in portable electronic systems, distributed and remote sensors, biomedical systems, and power conversion systems to transforming graphene from a physics wonder to an engineering reality.

The full menu of EECS research is yours to explore. Please visit these pages for a taste of the four main affiliate labs to EECS, then explore the amazing stream of investigative research within each by visiting their websites. Of course, there is also a culture to each environment shaped and nurtured by the individuals who ply their creative intelligence and passion to their research within the unique infrastructure that houses them. Have a look!

the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab

Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence:

CSAIL is the largest interdepartmental lab on campus; two-thirds of its ~100 faculty and senior researchers are from EECS.

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Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems at MIT

Laboratory for Information & Decision Systems:

LIDS is an interdepartmental laboratory for research and education in systems, control, optimization, communication, networks, and statistical signal processing.

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the Microsystems Technology Laboratories @ MIT

Microsystems Technology Laboratories:

MTL an interdisciplinary laboratory established in 1984, supports a broad range of interests from circuits and systems and device technologies to materials and even energy research and biological electronics.

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the Center for Excitonics @ RLE/MIT

Research Laboratory of Electronics: RLE

the Center for Excitonics at RLE

The Center for Excitonics at RLE is a collaboration between MIT, Harvard and Brookhaven National Laboratory. The Center’s objective is to supersede traditional electronics with devices that use excitons to mediate the flow of energy.

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