Celebrating EECS Spring term classes

Spring Term 2010, like other years, started in the dark short days of winter, gradually (sometimes immediately) building in excitement and intensity as projects developed with added knowledge and skills. By early May many EECS classes yield an exciting array of projects. Read about 6.01, 6.141J and 6.302 by visiting any of the linked pages below.

6.01, Introduction to EECS I, Spring term 2010

6.01, Introduction to EECS, I

We’ve been offering 6.01 since we started a pilot with 20 brave students in Spring of 2006. Now, we have about 250 in the Spring semesters! It is offered in 4 lab sections, so students still have a chance to do real hands-on labs with circuits and robots.

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6.141J, Robotics: Science and Systems I

Robotics: Science and Systems I (6.141)

6.141J, also called “RSS,” is an intensive undergraduate introduction to robotics. The subject has both lectures and labs, with theoretical material introduced in lecture and put into practice in lab, often on the same afternoon.

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6.302, Feedback Systems, spring term 2010.

6.302, Feedback Systems

6.302 Introduction to design of feedback systems covers a lot of area, including properties and advantages of feedback systems; time-domain and frequency-domain performance measures; stability and degree of stability.

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