EECS welcomes new admits

The EECS Department welcomes new admits for its graduate program in early March. A very full and carefully orchestrated program of activities is developed each year to welcome and familiarize these students –arriving from many university campuses from across the country (and internationally). This year’s Visit Days event was no exception. The photos above give a glimpse of just some of the activities which the Department held to acquaint the students with each other, with the graduate program and with the student population and EECS faculty members. Many informal activities were also organized by the EECS Graduate Student Association.

A much larger, MIT wide welcoming to incoming underclass admits (and their parents) — aka Campus Preview Weekend, CPW — was held April 8-10. The EECS Department welcomed the future members of the class of 2014 and their families offering all kinds of information and enticements–first at the Johnson Athletic area and then in the Grier Rooms in building 34. The photos in the slide show give a small glimpse of the EECS welcome to future EECS students.

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