Graduation 2010: SM, M.Eng. & SB degree recipients

The EECS Department graduated 103 PhD and 2 Electrical Engineer’s degree students this academic year (AY09-10) and as listed on these pages, 80 EECS students received the Master of Science, SM degree, 55 EECS students received the Master of Engineering, M.Eng. degree, and 194 EECS students received the Bachelor of Science, SB degree. Students receiving the SM degree are listed in alpha order below including thesis title and supervisor/s (in parentheses) followed in similar format by the M.Eng. and SB degree recipients respectively. All MIT Commencement ‘march’ photos were taken by EECS staff member Cynthia Skier. Please contact us at for photo requests or if any updates are needed.

Masters of Science, SM degree recipients:

Abutaleb, Mohamed O. RF Instrumentation and System Design for Coherent Control of Anisotropic Hyperfine-Coupled Electron/Nulcear Spin Qubits (Cory, D. G.)
Ansel, Jason A. PetaBricks: A Language and Compiler for Algorithmic Choice (Amarasinghe, S. P.)
Bachrach, Abraham G. Autonomous Flight in Unstructured and Unknown Indoor Environments (Roy, N.)
Bandyopadhyay, Saurav 45nm Direct Battery DC-DC Converter for Mobile Applications (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Benson, Edward O. A Data Aware Web Architecture (Karger, D. R.)
Bhardwaj, Siddharth Limits of Long Wavelength High Harmonic Generation (Kaertner, F. X.)
Bilgic, Berkin Fast Human Detection With Cascaded Ensembles (Masaki, I., Horn, B. K. P.)
Burghoff, David P. Characterization of Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers (Hu, Q.)
Burkhart, Justin M. Design Of A Very High Frequency Resonant Boost DC-DC Converter (Perreault, D. J.)
Cannon, Benjamin L. Electroquasistatic Sensors For Surface and Subsurface Nano-Imaging of Integrated Circuit Features (Zahn, M., Lang, J. H.)
Carbin, Michael J. Automatically Indentifying Critical Behaviours in Programs (Rinard, M. C.)
Chang, Jason Extracting Orientation and Scale from Smoothly Varying Textures with Application to Segmentation (Fisher, J. W.)
Chang, Samuel C. A 1-mW Vibration Energy Harvesting System for Moth Flight Control Applications (Lang, J. H.)
Cheong, Lin L. Low-Voltage Spatial-Phase-Locked Electron-Beam-Lithography (Smith, H. I.)
Cheow, Lih Feng Development of an Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) with Enhanced Sensitivity in a Nanofluidic System (Han, Jongyoon)
Chung, Hye Won An Energy Efficient AES Engine with DPA-Resistance (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Correa, Andrew T. Drawing on the World: Sketch in Context (Davis, R.)
Drucker, Andrew D. PCPs for Arthur-Merlin Games and Communication Protocols (Aaronson, S.)
Faghih, Rose T. The FitzHugh-Nagumo Model Dynamics With An Application To The Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis (Dahleh, M. A., Brown, E. N.)
Fan, Audrey P. Phase-Based Regional Oxygen Metabolism In Magnetic Resonance Imaging At High Field (Adalsteinsson, E.)
Farrahi, Shirin In-vivo Measurement of Sound-Induced Motions In Gerbil Cochlea (Freeman, D. M.)
Feizi- Khankandi, Soheil Network Functional Compression (Medard, M.)
Georgas, Michael S. An Optical Data Receiver for Integrated Photonic Interconnects (Stojanovic, V. M.)
Gilleland, Cody L. Microfluidic in Vivo Screening System Identifies Compounds Enhancing Neural Regeneration (Yanik, M. F.)
Gupta, Neha Learning To Reformulate Long Queries (Jaakkola, T. S.)
Haeupler, Bernhard Deterministic Algorithms For The Lovasz Local Lemma (Karger, D. R.)
Hemachandra, Sachithra M. Narrated Guided Tour Following and Interpretation By An Autonomous Wheelchair (Teller, S.)
Huang, Shao-Lun The Design of Binary Shaping Filter of Binary Code (Zheng, L.)
Jacobi, Ian C. Constructing Provenance-Award Distributed Systems With Data Propagation (Sussman, G. J.)
Jin, Donghyun Quantum Capacitance in Scaled Down III-V FETs (del Alamo, J. A.)
Johannsson, Hordur Toward Autonomous Harbor Surveillance (Leonard, J. J.)
Johnson, Matthew J. Bayesian Nonparametric Learning With Semi-Markovian Dynamics (Willsky, A. S.)
Julian, Brian J. An Embedded Controller for Quad-Rotor Flying Robots Distributed Algorithms (Rus, D. L.)
Kang, Eunsuk A Framework For Dependility Analysis Of Software Systems With Trusted Bases (Jackson, D. N.)
Kao, Tsung-Yu Surface-Emitting Distributed Feedback Terahertz Quantum-Cascade Phase-Locked Laser Arrays (Hu, Q.)
Kasture, Harshad Graphite: A Parallel Distribute Simulator for Multicores (Agarwal, A.)
Kedia, Mihir Sociapedia: Online Collaboration Over a Social Network (Karger, D. R.)
Khurana, Harneet S. Memory and Data Communication Link Architecture for Micro-Implants (Dawson, J. L.)
Krishnaswamy, Pavitra A Computational Framework To Study Neural-Structural Interactions In Human Walking (Herr, H. M., Brown, E. N.)
LaCurts, Katrina L. Measurement And Analysis Of Real-World 802.11 Mesh Networks (Balakrishnan, H.)
Lam, Bonnie K. Parallel Architectures for Entropy Coding in a Dual-Standard Ultra-HD Video Encoder (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Lee, Chia-ying Closed-Loop Auditory-Based Representation For Robust Speech Recognition (Glass, J. R.)
Leow, Kwang Siong Jeremy Reconstruction from Non-Uniform Samples (Oppenheim, A. V.)
Lin, Christopher C. A Decision System For Routing Returned Product To The Optimal Recovery Channel (Simchi-Levi, D., Welsch, R. E.)
Liu, Ying Feedback Message Passing For Inference In Gaussian Graphical Models (Willsky, A. S.)
Loh, William Analysis and Characterization of Slab-Coupled Waveguide Amplifiers and Lasers (Juodawlkis, P. W., Ram, R. J.)
Macindoe, Owen Investigating The Fine Grained Structure of Networks (Richards, W. A.)
Madry, Aleksander Faster Generation of Random Spanning Trees (Kelner, J. A.)
Mastin, Dana A. Statistical Methods for 2D-3D Registration of Optical and Ladar Images (Fisher, J. W.)
Moss, Benjamin R. High-Speed Modulation of Resonant CMOS Photonic Modulators in Deep-Submicron Bulk-CMOS (Stojanovic, V. M.)
Near, Joseph P. An Imperative Extension To Alloy And A Compiler For Its Execution (Jackson, D. N.)
Nguyen, Ha Q. Generalizations of Permutation Source Codes (Goyal, V. K.)
Papachristoudis, Georgios Spatial and Temporal Coupling Models For The Discovery Of Binding Events in ChIP-Seq Data (Gifford, D. K.)
Papp, Joseph C. Physically Constrained Maximum Likelihood (PCML) Mode Filtering and Its Application as a Pre-Processing Method for Underwater Acoustic Communication (Preisig, J. C.)
Park, Joongwoo B. Capacity Control In Network Revenue Management: Clustering and Risk-Aversion (Farias, V. F.)
Perli, Samuel David Pixnet: Designing Interference-Free Wireless Links Using LCD-Camera Pairs (Katabi, D.)
Pesterev, Aleksey Locating Cache Performance Bottlenecks Using Data Profiling (Morris, R. T.)
Rithe, Rahulkumar J. SSTA Design Methodology For Low-Voltage Operation (Chandrakasan, A. P., Buss, D.)
Rivers, Alec R. 3D Modeling With Silhouettes (Durand, F. P.)
Saadat, Omair I. Self-Aligned AlGaN/GaN Transistors for Sub-mm Wave Applications (Palacios, T. A.)
Shamim, Imran Energy Efficient Links and Routers for Multi-Processor Computer Systems (Stojanovic, V. M.)
Shim, Keun Sup Static and Dynamic Virtual Channel Allocation For High Performance, In-Order Communication In On-Chip Networks (Devadas, S.)
Sinangil, Yildiz Fault Tolerant, Low Voltage SRAM Design (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Singh, Rishabh Storyboard Programming Of Data Structure Manipulations A Picture Is Worth 20 Lines Of Code (Solar-Lezama, A.)
Steinmeyer, Joseph D. Rapid Single-Cell Electroporation oFor Labeling Organotypic Cultures (Yanik, M. F.)
Sun, John Z. Compressive Sensor Networks: Fundamental Limits and Algorithms (Goyal, V. K.)
Teherani, James T. Band-To-Band Tunneling In Silicon Diodes And Tunnel Transistors (Hoyt, J. L., Antoniadis, D. A.)
Trubitsyn, Aleksey High Efficiency DC/AC Power Converter for Photovoltaic Appliations (Perreault, D. J.)
Uhler, Richard S. Performance and Energy Efficiency In Simple Simultaneous Multithreading Processor Cores (Dennis, J. B.)
Wang, Da Distinguishing Codes From Noise: Fundamental Limits And Applications To Sparse Communication (Wornell, G. W.)
Wang, Mengdi Simulation-Based Approximate Solutions of Large-Scale Linear Least Squares Problems and Applications (Bertsekas, D. P.)
Wei, Ermin Distributed Newton-Type Algorithms For Newtwork Resource Allocation (Ozdaglar, A. E.)
Wiens, Jenna M. Machine Learning For Patient-Adaptive Ectopic Beat Classification (Guttag, J. V.)
Wu, Eugene Shinobi: Insert-Aware Partitioning And Indexing Techniques For Skewed Database Workloads (Madden, S. R.)
Yang, Jean Specification-Enhanced Execution (Solar-Lezama, A.)
Yankama, Beracah Is The Most Likely Model Likely To Be The Corect Model? (Berwick, R. C., Richards, W. A.)
Yin, Ying Toward an Intelligent Multimodal Interface For Natural Interaction (Davis, R.)
Zadimoghaddam, Morteza Scheduling To Minimize Power Consumption Using Submodular Fuctions (Demaine, E. D.)
Zhang, Lei Lei Fast Scheduling Methods For Optical Flow Switching (Chan, V. W. S.)
Zhang, Yaodong Unsupervised Spoken Keyword Spotting and Learning Acoustically Meaningful Units (Glass, J. R.)

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