Graduation 2010: the Hooding Celebration

The EECS Department graduated 103 PhD and 2 Electrical Engineers degree students this academic year (AY09-10). Students receiving the PhD (and EE) degree are listed in alpha order below including thesis title and supervisor/s (in parentheses). All Hooding photos were taken by EECS staff member Myron ‘Fletch’ Freeman. Please contact us at for photo requests or if any updates are needed.

Accardi, Anthony J. Generating Pictures From Waves: Aspects of Image Formation (Wornell, G. W.)
Agrawal, Kunal Scheduling and Synchronization for Multicore Processors (Leiserson, C. E.)
Andoni, Alexandr Nearest Neighbor Search: the Old, the New, and the Impossible (Indyk, P.)
Arango, Alexandros C. High Open-Circuit Voltage In Heterojunction Photovoltaics Containing A Printed Colloidal Quantum-Dot Photosensitive Layer (Bulovic, V.)
Bae, Soonmin Analysis and Transfer of Photographic Viewpoint and Appearance (Durand, F. P.)
Basha, Elizabeth A. In-Situ Prediction On Sensor Networks Using Distributed Multiple Linear Regression Models (Rus, D. L.)
Bohorquez, Jose L. Digitally-Assisted, Ultra-Low Power Circuits and System for Medical Applications (Dawson, J. L., Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Bond, Bradley N. Stability-Preserving Model Reduction For Linear And Nonlinear Systems Arising In Analog Circut Applications (Daniel, L.)
Bow, Hansen C. Multifluidic Devices For Analysis Of Red Blood Cell Mechanical Propoerties (Han, Jongyoon)
Byun, Sangwon Transport of Proteins, Biopharmaceuticals and Small Pharmaceutical Componds into Normal and Injured Cartilage (Grodzinsky, A. J.)
Cates, Sonya J. Combining Represenations for Improved Sketch Recognition (Davis, R.)
Chandar, Venkat B. Sparse Graph Codes For Compression, Sensing, and Secrecy (Wornell, G. W., Shah, D.)
Chen, Jian High Repetition Rate Fiber Lasers (Kaertner, F. X.)
Chen, Shuodan Regulation of Lubricin Gene Expression and Synthesis in Cartilage by Mechanical Injury (Grodzinsky, A. J.)
Cheng, Winnie W. Information-Flow-Aware Distibuted Computing Platform (Liskov, B. H.)
Christoudias, Chris M. Probabilistic Models For Multi-View Semi-Supervised Learning and Coding (Darrell, T. J.)
Cory, Rick E. Supermaneuverable Perching (Tedrake, R. L.)
Dalley, Gerald E. Improved Robustness and Efficiency For Automatic Visual Site Monitoring (Grimson, W. E.)
Danford, Timothy W. Dissecting the Spatial Structure of Overlapping Transcription in Budding Yeast (Gifford, D. K.)
Demirbas, Umit Low-Cost, Highly Efficient, and Tunable Ultrafast Laser Technology Based On Directly Diode-Pumped Cr:Colquiriites (Fujimoto, J. G., Kaertner, F. X.)
Dennis, Gregory D. A Relational Framework For Bounded Program Verification (Jackson, D. N.)
El Moselhy, Tarek A. Field Solver Technologies For Variation-Aware Interconnect Parasitic Extraction (Daniel, L.)
Englebretson, Steven C. Induction Machine Stray Loss From Inter-Bar Currents (Kirtley, J. L.)
Englehart, Amy N. Changes in a Gel’s Electrical Properties Due to Exposure to Air (Freeman, D. M.)

A program from the MIT Hooding ceremony held June 3, 2010 for PhD graduates.

A program from the MIT Hooding ceremony held June 3, 2010 for PhD graduates. Photos by EECS staff member Myron 'Fletch' Freeman.

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  1. Its nice to see the best and brightest MIT has to offer now ready to impact the world in their own way.

  2. eecsnewsletter says:

    Dear Mrs. Kovac Garcia,
    Thanks for your interest in the photos of Joseph Kovac. We would be happy to forward the pictures of him. Could you please identify which pictures–just cite the particular web page and which slide show each appears in and if you put your mouse over the bottom of the image you want you will see a number which will help us to identify the image.

    Patsy Sampson
    EECS Headquarters

  3. Zella Engel says:

    My warmest congratulations to all the graduates! The is so much that you can do for the world, and as MIT graduates, I’m pretty sure you’re all up for the challenge.

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