EECS PhD, EE, SM and MEng degree recipients: Congratulations!

The EECS Department graduated 101 PhD and 5 Electrical Engineers degree students this academic year (AY10-11). Students receiving the PhD (and EE) degree are listed in alpha order below including thesis title and research supervisor/s (in parentheses, primary supervisor listed first). Please contact us at for photo requests or if any updates are needed.

EECS Department PhD and EE degree graduates 2010-2011:

Wei An Complete VLSI Implementation of Improved Low Complexity Chase Reed-Solomon Decorders (Stojanovic, V. M.)
Mohammad Araghchini Efficient Silicon Micro-Reactors For Thermophotovoltaic Applications (Kolodziejski, L. A.)
Scot K. Arfin Low Power Circuits and Systems For Wireless Neural Stimulation (Sarpeshkar, R.)
Demba E. Ba Algorithms And Inference For Simulataneous-Event Multivariate Point-Process, With Applications To Neural Data (Brown, E.N.)
Ilya Baran Using Rigging and Transfer to Animate 3D Characters (Popovic, J.)
Andrew J. Benedick Applications and Noise Properties of High Repetition Rate Ti: Sapphire Frequency Combs (Kaertner, F. X.)
Reginald Bryant High-Index-Contrast Electromechanical Optical Switch (Kolodziejski, L. A.)
Hyunil Byun Integrated High-Repetition-Rate Femtosecond Laers at 1.5 mm (Kaertner, F. X.)
Chung Chan Generating Secret In A Network (Zheng, L.) (Roy, N.)
Venkat Chandrasekaran Convex Optimization Methods for Graphs and Statistical Modeling (Willsky, A. S.)
Chih-yu Chao Why Can’t Smart Phones Be Polite, too? What Would A Phone Need To Know? (Davis, R.)
Harr Chen Learning Semantic Structures From In-domain Documents (Barzilay, R. A., Karger, D. R.)
Jiawen Chen Efficient Data Structures for Piecewise-Smooth Video Processing (Durand, F. P.)
Sharat Chikkerur What And Where: A Bayesian Inference Theory of Visual Attention (Poggio, T. A.)
Taeg Sang Cho Motion Blur Removal in Photographs (Freeman, W. T.)
Myung Jin Choi Hierarchical Graphical Models With Latent Variables (Willsky, A. S.)
Albert Chin-Hoa Chow A Time-Interleaved Zero-Crossing-Based Analog-To-Digital Converter (Lee, H-S.)
Yue Jack Chu High Performance Zero-Crossing Based Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converters (Lee, H-S.)
Jin Wook Chung Millimeter-Wave GaN High Electron Mobility Transistors and Their Integration With Silicon Electronics (Palacios,T.)
John J. Cooley Analysis, Modeling and Design Of Energy Management And MultiSource Power Systems (Leeb, S. B.)
Marcus V. Dahlem Studies Of Advanced Intergrated Nano-Photonic Devices In Silicon (Ippen, E. P.)
Carrick J. Detweiler Decentralized Sensor Placement and Mobile Localization On An Underwater Sensor Network With Depth Adjustment Capabilities (Rus, D. L.)
Jonathan M. Eastep Smart Data Structures: An Outline Machine Learning Approach To Multicore Data Structures (Agarwal, A.)
Borjan A. Gagoski Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging using Parallel Transmission at 7T (Adalsteinson, E.)
Wesley Michael Gifford Bandwidth-Scaling Behavior In Wireless Systems: Theory, Experimentation. and Performance Analysis (Win, M. Z.)
Usha Gogineni Performance Limits of RF Power CMOS (del Alamo, J. A.)
Elena Grigorescu Symmetries In Algebraic Property Testing (Sudan, M.)
Yu Gu Integration Of Photonic And Passive Microfluidic Devices Into Lab-On-Chip With Femtosecond Laser Materials Processing (Fujimoto, J. G.)
Arman Hajati Ultra Wide-Bandwidth Micro Energy Harvester (Kim, S-G.)
Pouya Hashemi Gate-All-Around Silicon Nanowire MOSFETs: Top-down Fabrication And Transport Enhancement Techniques (Hoyt, J. L.)
Danielle A. Hinton Protocols for Multi-Antenna Ad-Hoc Wireless Networking in Interference Environments (Staelin, D. H.)
Xiaolong Hu Efficient Superconducting- Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors System and There Applications In Quantum Optics (Berggren, K. K.)
Luke A. Hutchison Whole-organism integrative expressome for C. elegans enables in silico study of developmental regulation (Berger, B. A.)
Krishna P. Jagannathan Asymptotic Performance of Queue Length Based Network Control Policies (Modiano, E. H.)
Szymon K. Jakubczak SoftCast: Exposing A Waveform Interface To The Wireless Channel For Scalable Video Broadcast (Katabi, D.)
Huei-Han Jhuang Dorsal Stream: From Algorithm To Neuroscience (Pogio, T. A.)
Peter B. Jones Fusion Of Probability and Utility Estimates (Mitter, S. K.)
Brendan A. Juba Universal Semantic Communication (Sudan, M.)
Tilke M. Judd Understanding And Predicting Where People Look In Images (Durand, F. P.)
Zahi N. Karan Subspace and Graph Methods To Leverage Auxiliary Data For Limited Target Data Multi-Class Classificifiation, Applied To Speaker Verification (Oppenheim, A. V.)
Faisal Mahmood Kashif Modeling and Estimation For Non-Invasive Monitoring of Interacranial Pressure and Cerebovascular Auto regulation (Verghese, G. C.)
Bo S. Kim Robust Network Calibration and Therapy Design In Systems Biology (White, J. K.)
Thomas F. Kollar Learning To Understand Spatial Language For Robotic Navigation And Mobile Manipulation (Roy, N.)
Chaeryon Kong Clinical Feasibility of Raman Spectroscopy for Quantitative Blood Glucose Measurement (Ram, R. J.)
Swastik Kopparty Algebraic Methods In Randomness And Pseudorandomness (Sudan, M.)

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