EECS PhD, EE, SM and MEng degree recipients: Congratulations!

EECS Department PhD and EE degree graduates 2010-2011, continued

Payam Lajevardi Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Analog System (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Danial Lashkari In Search Of Functional Specificity In The Brain: Generative Models For Group fMRI Data (Golland, P.)
Edmond K. Lee Survivability In Layered Networks (Modiano, E. H.)
Joonsung Lee Excitation and Readout Designs for High Field Spectroscopic Imaging (Adalsteinsson, E.)
Ka Yan Karen Lee Understanding New Regimes For Light-Matter Interactions (Johnson, Steven G.)
Kevin Shao-Kwan Lee Microscale Controlled Continuous Cell Culture (Ram, R. J.)
Chris T. Lesniewski-Laas Design and Applications of a Secure and Decentralized Distributed Hash Table (Kaashoek, M. F.)
Danny G. Little Programming with Human Computation (Miller, R. C.)
Aleksander Madry From Graphs To Matrices, And Back: New Techniques For Graph Algorithms (Goemans, M. X.)
Shay Maymon Bandwidth-Efficient Approximatiin and Sampling (Oppenheim, A. V.)
Maryam Modir Shanechi Real-Time Brain-Machine Interface Architectures: Neural Decoding From Plan To Movement (Wornell, G. W.)
Ankur Moitra Vertex Sparsification and Universal Rounding Algorithms (Leighton, F. T.)
Ali R. Motamedi Ultrafast Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Passive And Active Semiconductor Devices (Ippen, E. P.)
Baris Nakiboglu Exponential Bounds On Error Probability With Feedback (Zheng, L.)
Jelani O. Nelson Sketching and Streaming High-Dimensional Vectors (Demaine, E. D.)
Man Cheuk Ng Airblue: A Highly-Configurable FPGA-Based Platform for Wireless Network Research (Arvind)
Huy N. Nguyen Constant Time Algorithms in Sparse Graph Model (Edelman, A.)
Khoa M. Nguyen Key Receiver Circuits For Digital Beamforming In Millimeter-Wave Imaging (Sodini, C. G.)
Charles W. O’Donnell Ensemble Modeling of B-Sheet Proteins (Devadas, S.)
Alexander Olshevsky Efficient Information Aggregation Strategies For Distributed Control And Signal Processing (Tsitsiklis, J. N.)
Krzysztof P. Onak New Sublinear Methods In The Struggle Against Classical Problems (Rubinfeld, R.)
Michael I. Pellauer HAsim: Cycle-Accurate Multicore Performance Models on FPGAs (Arvind, Emer, J.)
Brandon J. Pierquet Designs for Ultra-High Efficiency Grid-Connected Power Conversion (Perreault, D. J.)
Andrew L. Puryear Optical Communication Through The Turbulent Atmosphere With Transmitter and Receiver (Chan, V. W. S.)
Asfandyar Qureshi Power-Demand Routing In Massive Geo-Distrubuted Systems (Guttag, J. V.)
Benjamin I. Rapoport Glucose-Powered Neuroelectronics (Sarpeshkar, R.)
Matthew D. Rasmussen Methods and Analysis of Genome-Scale Gene Family Evolution Across Multiple Species (Kellis, M)
William J. Richoux Separability As A Modeling Paradigm In Large Probabilistic Models (Verghese, G. C.)
Reina E. Riemann Good Families of Quantum Low-Density Parity-Check Codes, A Geometric Framework for… (Shor, P. W.)
Jennifer M. Roberts Use-Driven Concept Formation (Winston, P. H., Davis, R.)
Benjamin E. Rossman Average-Case Complexity of Decting Cliques (Sudan, M.)
Daniel M. Roy Computability, Inference and Modeling In Probabilistic Programming (Kaelbling, L. P.)
Parikshit M. Shah A Partial Order Approach to Decentralized Control (Parrilo, P.)
Marco J. da Silva Pre-Computaton for Controlling Character Behavior In Interactive Physical Simulations (Popovic, J.)
Natasha Singh-Miller Neighborhood Analysis Methods In Acoustic Modeling For Automatic Speech Recognition (Collins, M. J.)
Benjamin Snyder Unsupervised Multilingual Learning (Barzilay, R. A.)
Sanquan Song Fractionally Spaced Equalization For High Speed Links (Stojanovic, V. M.)
David A. Sontag Approximate Inference In Graphical Models Using LP Relaxations (Jaakkola, T. S.)
Noah D. Stein Exchangeable Equilibria (Ozdaglar, A. E.)
Jacob A. Strauss Device-Transparent Personal Storage (Kaashoek, M. F., Morris, R. T.)
Vincent Y. Tan Large-Deviations Analysis And Applications Of Learning Tree- Structed Graphical Models (Willsky, A. S.)
Selim Temizer Planning under Uncertainty for Dynamic Collision Avoidance (Lozano-Perez, T., Kaelbling, L. P.)
Antonio C. Torrezan de Sousa Frequenc- Tunable Second-Harmonic Submillimeter-Wave Gyrotron Oscillator (Temkin, R. J.)
Hsin-Yu Tsai Overcoming the Far-Field Diffraction Limit Via Absorbance-Modulation (Smith, H. I.)
Alexander M. Tsankov Evolution of Nucleosome Positioning and Gene Regulation In Yeasts: A Genomic … Approach (Regev, A.)
Max Van Kleek Effort, Memory, Attention And Time: Paths To More Effective Personal Information Management (Karger, D. R.)
Jonathan S. Varsanik Integrated Optic/Mamofluidic Detection Device With Plasmonic Readout (Yanik, M. F.)
Aisha N. Walcott Long-Term Robot Mapping In Dynamic Environments (Leonard, J. J.)
Annie I. Wang Low Temperature Lithographically Patterned Metal Oxide Transistors for Large Area Electronics (Akinwande, A. I.)
Grace I. Wang Coincidence Detection In The Cochlear Nucleus: Implications For The Coding Of Pitch (Delgutte, B.)
Robert Y. Wang Practical Color-Based Motion Capture (Popovic, J.)
Woradorn Wattanapanitch An Ultra Low Power Implatntable Neural Recording System For Brian-Machind Interfaces (Sarpeshkar, R.)
Dennis Wei Design of Discrete-Time Filters For Efficient Implementation (Oppenheim, A. V.)
Warit Wichakool Advanced Nonintrusive Load Monitoring System (Leeb, S. B.)
Seung Kook Yun Coordination Construction By A Distributed Multi-Robot System (Rus, D. L.)
Lei L. Zhang A Boundary Element Method With Surface Conductive Absorbers for 3-D Analysis Of Nanophotonics (White, J. K.)

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