EECS PhD, EE, SM and MEng degree recipients: Congratulations!

EECS Department SM degree recipients 2010-2011

Haitham Z. Al-Hassanieh Encryption On The Air: Non-Invasive Security For Implantable Medical Devices (Katabi, D.)
Georgios Angelopoulos Energy-Aware Network Coding Circuit And System Design (Medard, M.)
Aliaa Atwi A Case Study In Robust Quickest Detection For Hidden Markov Models (Dahleh, M. A.)
Adesoji O. Awe Production Flexibility; An Empirical Analysis of Engine Buildup at the Boeing Company (Perakis, G.)
Ibrahim A. Badr Pronunciation Learning For Automatic Speech Recognition (Glass, J. R.)
Matthias E. Bahlke A Novel Sublimable Mask Lift-Off Method For Pattering Thin-Films (Baldo, M.A.)
Eirik Bakke A Spreadsheet-Based User Interface For Managing Plural Relationships In Structured Data (Karger, D. R.)
Nathan Z. Beckmann Distributed Naming In A Factored Operating System (Agarwal, A.)
Jessica A. Bernier Numerical Field Simulation For Parallel Transmission In MRI at 7 Tesla (Adalsteinsson, E.)
Yang Cai The Complexity Of Nash Equilibria In Multiplayer Zero-Sum Games and Coordination Games (Daskalakis, K.)
Matthew F. Carey Connectivity, Throughput, And End-To-End Latency In Infrastructureless Wireless Networks With Beam forming-Enabled Devices (Chan, V. W. S.)
Chun Wang I. Chan Characterization and Analysis of Highly Diagonal Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers (Hu, Q.)
Jason M. Cloud Interaction Of Network Coding With Multi-Packet Reception and MAC In Wireless Newtorks (Medard, M.)
Michal Depa Segmentation and Visualization For Cardiac Ablation Procedures (Golland, P.)
Haobo Dong Passive EPC Class 1 Gen 2 UHF RFID Sensor Tag For Health Monitoring Applications (Dawson, J. L.)
Kimon Drakopoulos Observational Learning With Finite Memory (Tsitsiklis, J. N.)
Shashank S. Dwivedi Towards Birational Aspects of Moduli Space Of Curves (McKernan, J.)
Zoran Dzunic Text Structure-Aware Classification (Barzilay, R.),
Ali Faghih Stochastic Dynamic Optimization Of Consumption And The Induced Price Elasticity Of Demand In Smart Greds (Dahleh, M.)
Michael A.Forbes Tensor Rank: Some Lower and Upper Bounds (Aaronson, S.)
Hanhong Gao Iterative Nonlinear Beam Propagation Method And Its Application In Nonlinear Devices (Barbastathis, G.)
Ganeshapillai Gartheeban Reconstruction Of The Corrupted Multi-Parameter Physiological Signals In An ICU Environment (Guttag, J.V.)
Stephen A. Guerrera Feature Scaling of Large, Ballasted Field Emitter Arrays (Akinwande, A. I.)
Priya Gupta Providing Caching Abstractions For Web Applications (Zeldovich, N.B.)
Sungjae Ha A Malaria-Diagnostic System Based On Electric Impedance Spectroscopy (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Nicholas D. Hardy Analyzing And Improving Image Quality In Reflective Ghost Imaging (Shapiro, J. H.)
Yu-Chung Hsiao An Efficient 3D Capacitance Extraction Solver Using Instantiable Basis Functions For VLSI Interconnects (Daniel, L.)
Sha Huang Applying A Microfluidic ‘Deformability Cytometry’ to Measure Stiffness Of Malaria-Infected Red BlooCells At Body and Febrile Temperatures (Han, Jongyoon)
Daw-Sen Hwang Projected Equation And Aggregation-Based Approximate Dyanmic Programming Methods For Tetris (Bertsekas, D. P.)
Matthew R. Johnston A Robust Optimization Approach To Network Design (Modiano, E. H.)

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