EECS PhD, EE, SM and MEng degree recipients: Congratulations!

EECS Department SM degree recipients 2010-2011, continued

Evelyn W. Kapusta High Fidelity Pattern Transfer In InP Photonic Device Fabrication (Ram, R. J.)
Taesoo Kim Making Linux Protection Mechanisms Egalitarian With UserFS (Zeldovich, N. B.)
Hasan Korre On The Development Of A Low-Cost Lithographic Interferometer (Berggren, K. K.)
Elizabeth J. Kowalski Miter Bend Loss and Higher Order Mode Content Measurements in Overmoded Millimeter – Wave Transmission Lines (Temkin, R. J.)
George Kurian ATAC: A 1000-Core Cache Coherent Processor With On-Chip Optical Network (Agarwal, A.)
Alison B. Laferriere Applying K-Distribution Fading Models To Bayesian Estimation Of An Underwater Channel (Preisig, J. C.)
John H. Lee An On-Chip Test Circuit For Characterization of MEMS Resonators (Boning, D. S..)
Sunghyuk Lee A Zero-Crossing Based Pipelined Analog-to-Digital Converter With Supply Voltage Scalability (Chandrakasan, A.P.)
Jonathan C. Leu A 9GHz Injection Locked Loop Optical Clock Receiver in 32-nm CMOS (Stojanovic, V. M..)
Zohaib Mahmood Parameterized Modeling Of Multiport Passive Circuit Blocks (Daniel, L.)
Radhika A. Marathe Analysis And Modeling Of Piezoelectric Resonant Body Transistors (Weinstein, D.)
Joseph G. McMichael Timing Offset and Quantization Error Trade-Off In Interleaved Multi-Channel Measurements (Oppenheim, A.V.)
David T. Meyer Design Of Superconducting Transmission Line Integrated Planar Paul Traps (Berggren, K. K.)
Aleksandar Milicevic Executable Specifications For Java Programs (Jackson, D. N.)
Sasa Misailovic Exploring The Effectiveness Of Loop Perforation For Quality Of Service Profiling (Rinard, M. C.)
Sidhant Misra Analysis of Weighted l1-Minimization For Model Based Compressed Sensing (Parrilo, P.)
Phillip M. Nadeau Multi-Channel Ultra-Low-Power Receiver Architecture For Body Area Networks (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Emilio A. Nanni Design of a 250 GHz Gyrotron Amplifier (Temkin, R. J.)
Neha Narula Distributed Query Execution On A Replicated And Partitioned Database (Morris, R.T.)
Arun Paidimarri Architecture For Ultra-Low Power Multi-Channel Transmitters For Body Area Networks Using RF Resonators (Chandrakasan, A. P.)
Katrina M. Panovich Use Of Social Network Sites For Question And Answer Behavior (Karger D.R.)
Sung Hyun Park Low-Swing Signaling For Energy Efficient On-Chip Networks (Peh, L-S.)
Sarah Paydavosi Organic Molecular Floating Gate Memories (Bulovic, V.)
Evelina A. Polyzoeva Hole Mobility In Strained Ge/Relaxed SiGe With A High-k/Metal Gate Stack (Antoniadis, D.A.)
Joong Bum Rhim Quantization Of Prior Probabilities In Bayesian Group Decision Making (Goyal, V. K.)
Alexander M. Rush Efficient Lagrangian Relaxation Algorithms For Exact Inference In Natural Language Tasks (Collins, M. J.)
John A. Russ Mutual Information Based Tracking With Mobile Sensors (Rus, D. L)
James F. Saunderson Subspace Identification Via Convex Optimization (Willsky, A. S.)
Rachel S. Sealfon Predicting Enhancer Regions And Transciption Factor Binding Sites In D. Melanogaster (Kellis, M..)
Stephen H. Shum Unsupervised Methods For Speaker Diarization (Glass, J. R.)
Anima Singh Risk Stratification Of Cardiovascular Patients Using A Novel Classification Tree Induction Algorithm With Non-Symmetric Entropy Measures (Guttag, J. V.)
Lenin Ravindranath Sivalingam Improving Wireless Network Performance Using Sensor Hints (Balakrishnan, H.)
Alexander V. Soane An Apparatus For Frequency Resolved Optical Gating of Attoseconds Pulses (Kaertner, F. X.)
Yale Song Multi-Signal Gesture Recognition Using Body and Hand Poses (Davis, R.)
Cheryl M. Sorace Advanced Silicon Photonic Modulators (Kaertner, F. X.)
Ramesh Sridharan A Generative Model For Activations In Functional MRI (Golland, P.)
Shih-Yu Sun Deformation Correction In Ultrasound Imaging In A Elastography Framework (Anthony, B. W.)
Jue Wang ChitChat: Making Video Chat Robust to Packet Loss (Katabi, D.)
Samuel S. Wang Information Extraction To Facilitate Translation Of Natural Language Legislation (Abelson, H.)
Liang Jie Wong Laser-Driven Electron Acceleration In Infinite Vacuum (Kaertner, F. X.)
Kuang Xu On the Power of Centralization In Distrubted Processing (Tsitsiklis, J. N.)
Zhilei Xu Synthesizing Framework Uses From Program Behavior Data (Solar-Lezama, A.)
Li Yu A Study Of Through-Silicon-Via (TSV) Induced Transistor Variation (Boning, D. S.)

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