EECS PhD, EE, SM and MEng degree recipients: Congratulations!

EECS Department M.Eng. degree recipients 2010-2011

Gilberto Abram High Intensity Femtosecond Enhancement Cavities (Kaertner, F. X.)
Charles Amick An Architecture for Socially Mobile Collaborative Sensing and Its Implementation (Reed, D.P.)
Nada Amin Computer-Aided Design for Multilayer MicrofluidicChips (Amarasinghe, S. P.)
Tural Badirkhanli Armadillo (Balakrishnan, H.)
Jongmin Baek Multi-Channel Coded-Aperture Photography (Durand, F. P.)
Freddy N. Bafuka Beyond Text Anaysis: Image-Based Evaluation of the Readability of Health-Related Text Using Style (Long, W. J., Zheng, Q.)
Alexander Bakst A Verification Framework for Hybrid Systems (Lynch, N.A.)
Zev A. Benjamin Runtime Verification of Object Lifetime Specifications (Jackson, D. N.)
Robert Bryant Web Machines: A New Platform for Application Construction and Execution (Brock, D. L)
Mariella Buchin Assessing the Impact of Automated Path Planning Aids in the Maritime Community (Cummings, M.)
Jonathan Burnham Remote Cardiac Monitoring Using Radar (Greenburg, J.)
Nivedita Chandrasekaran Dynamic Pixel Selection in Free-Space Photon-Counting Optical Communication Systems for the Exploitation of Excess Channel Capacity (Shapiro, J. H.)
Wendy Chang Simulating Prediction Markets that Include Humans and Automated Agents (Malone, T. W.)
Isaac Charny Improving Search Times when Resolving External Symbols in the Timeliner System (Berwick, R. C.)
Tiffany Chen Cardiac Output Estimation from Arterial Blood Pressure Waveforms Using the MIMIC II Database (Mark, R. G.)
Yuhsin Chen Dynamic Binary Translation from x86-32 Code to x86-64 Code for Virtualization (Morris, R. T.)
Diana Cheng Magnetic Assisted Statistical Assembly (Fonstad, C. G.)
Lydia Chilton Seaweed: A Web Application for Designing Economic Games (Miller, R. C.)
Albert Chiou Design Study of a Novel Computer Instruction Execution Unit (Fonstad, C.G.)
Sharon Chou Computationally Efficient Characterization of Standard Cells for Statistical Static Timing Analysis (Chandrakasan, A.)
Harold Cooper Learning Meaning in Genesis (Winston, P. H.)
Michael Craig Compiler Optimizations for an Asynchronous Stream-Oriented Programming Language (Madden, S. R.)
Michael D’Ambrosio Three-Dimensional Terrain Editing in StarLogo TNG (Klopfer, E.)
Irene R. Fan A Collaborative Video-Conferencing System for Improving Care During Neonatal Transport (Guttag, J. V.)
Leon Fay Equalization Filters for Communication Satellites (Dawson, J. L.)
Charles Fisher Replan Understanding for Heterogenous Unmanned Vehicle Teams (Cummings, M.)
Curtis Fonger Compiling Methods for the Fresh Breeze Processor (Dennis, J. B.)
Anurupa R. Ganguly Optical Flow Switching with Time Deadlines for High-Performance Applications (Chan, V. W. S.)
Benjamin Gelb A Timeshared, Reconfigurable Hardware Co-Processing Architecture (Terman, C. J.)
Samuel Glidden Learning Commonsense Knowledge from the Interpretation of Individual Experiences (Winston, P. H.)
Gabriel R. Gomez Quantifying Avoided Emissions Due to Renewable Generation (Connors, S.)
Zhenya Gu A Hybrid System for Video Compression Based on H.264 and JPEG2000 (Lim, J. S.)
Saba Gul Novelty in Goal-Oriented Machines Using a Thread Memory Structure (Winston, P. H.)
Andrew Hawksley An Online System for Entering and Annotating Non-Native Chinese Speech for Language Teaching (Seneff, S.)
Byron B. Hsu A Preliminary Design of an Integrated Non-Invasive Brain Recording and Stimulation Device (Boyden, E.S..)
Pei-Lan Hsu Choosing a Gate Dielectric for Graphene Based Transitors (Kong, J.)
Perry L. Hung Varmosa: Just-in-Time Binary Translation of Operating System Kernels (Rudolph, L.)
Jeremy S. Hurwitz Error-Correcting Codes and Applications to Large-Scale Classification Systems (Lozano-Perez, T.)
Firat Ileri Optimal Dynamic Pricing for Clearance Sales on the Spot Market (Gershwin, S.)
William Jacobs Designing and Compiling Functional Java for the Fresh Breeze Architecture (Dennis, J. B.)
Adnaan Jiwaji Modular Development of an Educational Remote Laboratory Platform for Electrical Engineering: The Elvis Lab (Harward, V. J.)
Colleen Johnson The Design and Implementation of Alan Touring, the Campus Tourbot (Ferrell, C.L., Breazeal, C.)
Keith Jordy Low-Power Amplifier Choper-Stabilization for a Digital-to-Analog Converter (Dawson, J. L.)
Jason Juang Practical Implementation and Analysis of Hyper-Encryption (Rivest, R. L.)

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