EECS PhD, EE, SM and MEng degree recipients: Congratulations!

EECS M.Eng. degree recipients 2010-2011, continued

TaiHo Kang Respect My Privacy (Kagal, Lalana)
Kaan Karamanci Exploratory Data Analysis for Premptive Quality Control (Gershwin, S.)
Demitri Kashlev Efficient 3D Building Model Generation From 2D Floor Plans (Teller, S.)
Jason E. Katz-Brown Dependency Reordering Features for Japanese-English Phrase-Based Translation (Collins, M. J.)
Wajahat Khan Autonomous Routing Algorithms for Networks witih Wide-Spread Failures: A Case for Differential Backlog Routing (Modiano, E. H.)
Emilie Kim Invesitgation of Cultural Biases in Human Moral Recall: A Computationally Grounded Study (Winston, P. H.)
Charles King Single-Inductor, Multiple-Output Buck Converter with Parallel Source Transient Recovery (Perreault, D.)
Heather Knight An Architecture for Sensate Robots: Real Time Social-Gesture Recognition Using a Full Body Array of Touch Sensors (Ferrell, C. J., Breazeal, C.)
Jayant Krishnamurthy Finding Analogies in Semantic Networks Using the Singular Value Decomposition (Lieberman, H.)
Wendi Li Wide Common Mode Input Operational Amplifier with Serially Programmable Output Offset (Dawson, J. L.)
Alvin Liang Simulation of Tongue Muscle Deformation (Gilbert, R.)
Helen Liang A High-Speed Image Transmission System for Ultr-Wideband Wireless Links (Chandrakasan, A.)
Andy L. Lin Using Enhancement Data for Deinterlacing High Definition Television (Lim, J. S.)
Yunji Ma Companding Techniques for High Dynamic Range Audio CODEC Receiver Path (Stojanovic, V.)
Antoinne YMachal-Cajigas RF MEMS Switches: Survey and Analysis (Lang, J. H.)
Vikash K. Mansinghka Non-Parametric Bayesian Methods for Unsupervised and Supervised Learning (Tennenbaum, J.)
Gary Matthias Incremental Speech Understanding in a Multimodal Web-Based Spoken Dialogue System (Glass, J. R.)
Agustya Mehta An Optical System for Line-of-Sight Communication (Fink, Y.)
Behram F. T. Mistree A Flexible High-Density Sensor Network (Paradiso, J.)
Christopher Moh Segment-Based Image Matting Using Inpainting to Resolve Ambiguities (Durand, F. P.)
Azadeh Moini New Technologies for Neuromodulation (Boyden, E. S.)
Huy I. Nguyen Improving Search Quality of the Google Search Appliance (Barzilay, R.)
Akua A. Nti Studying Dialects to Understand Human Language (Winston, P. H., Shattuck-Hufnagel, S.)
Eleojo E. Ocholi Web Engine for Investigating Consumer Consideration (Urban, G. L.)
Stephen Oney Natural Lanugage Search of Structural Documents (Roy, D. K.)
Scott Ostler Mutable Data Representations for Lightweight Publishing and Curation (Karger, D. R.)
Daniel Perry Source and Channel Coding for Low-Bandwidth Between Optoelectronic Devices (Fink, Y.)
Andrew Pinkham Modeling and Optimization of Permanent Magnet Motors (Kirtley, J. L.)
Lev Popov iNav: A Hybrid Approach to WiFi Localization and Tracking of Mobile Devices (Madden, S. R.)
Xavi Pretzer Securing Wide-Area Storage in Wheel FS (Kaashoek, M. F.)
Michael Price Asynchronous Data-dependent Jitter Compensation (Stojanovic, V.)
Stephen Pueblo Videorealistic Facial Animation for Speech-Based Interfaces (Glass, J. R.)
Daniel Qumsiyeh Image Processing on a Scale-free Architecture (Bachrach, J.)
Dennis L. Ramdass Designing Bayesian Networks for Highly Expert-Involved Problem Diagnosis Domains (Madden, S. R.)
Elizabeth Reid Design and Evaluation of a Benchmark for Main Memory Transaction Processing Systems (Madden, S. R.)
David Reshef VisuaLyzer: An Approach for Rapid Visualization and Analysis of Epidemiological Data (Sabeti, Pardi)
Michael Robbins Hydraulically-Actuated Micro-Scale Traveling Energy Recovery (Paradiso, J.)
Gayle Saliba Modeling Knowledge About Possession Transfer (Winston, P. H.)
Joseph Scharf Reasoning Strategies for Semantic Web Rule Languages (Berners-Lee, T.)
Shi Lin Seow Physical Representation of Tension Caused by Harmonic Progression (Joachim, D.)
Shreyes Seshasai Efficient Near Duplicate Document Detectin for Specialized Corporations (Barzilay, R.)
Akash G. Shah The Morpheus Visualization System: A General-Purpose RFD Results Browser (Stonebraker, M.)
Rachel Shearer OMNI: Visualizing and Editing Large-Scale Volume Segmentations of Neuronal Tissue (H.S. Seung)
Rahul Schroff A Versatile Internet-Accessible Electronics Workbench with DC Domain Experimentation & Troubleshooting Capabilities (Harward, V. J.)
Richard Sinn Virtual Pan-Tilt-Zoom for a Wide-Area-Video Surveillance System (Hopman, P.I., Terman, C.J.)
Victor Sinow Integrated Circuit Control of Resonant and Hard Switched dc/ac Converters for Industrial and Educational Applications (Leeb, S.B.)
Hami Soumare Introduction of Digital Experimentation Capabilities on the ELVIS iLab Platform (Harward, V. J.)
Matthew Steele A Programming Language for Precision/Cost Tradeoffs (Amarasinghe, S.P.)
Jacob Stultz Optimizing Live Virtual Machine Migrations Using Content-Based Page Hashes (Kaashoek, M.F.)
Yang Su File System Unification Using LatticeFS (Ward, S. A.)
Philip Sung Risk Stratification by Analysis of Electro-cardiographic orphology Following Acute Coronary Syndromes (Guttag, J.V.)
Melinda Tang Wireless Reconfigurability of Fault-Tolerant Processing Systems (Liskov, B. H.)
Matthew E. Tanwanteng Applying Quantitative Models to Evaluate Complexity in Video Game Systems (Miller, R. C.)
Abdulrahman I. Tarbzouni SocialRank: Ranking Users and Information in Online Social Networks (Rines, R. H.)
Mark M. Tobanken Non-Linear Filtering for Narrow-Band Time Delay Estimation (Hanson, C.P.)
YaaLirng Tu A Framework for Teaching Biology Using StarLogo TNG: From DNA to Evolution (Klopfer, E.)
Danh T. Vo Design of Low-Noise Amplifier for Ultr-Wideband Applications (Dawson, J. L.)
Kevin Y. Wang Morphing Content in Mobile Applications (Urban, G. L.)
Tiffany Wang Case for Usability: Designing Outdoor Augmented Reality Games (Klopfer, E.)
Xinlei Wang Using Graphone Models in Automatic Speech Recognition (Glass, J. R.)

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