Spring Fling 2011: EECS awards & recognition

Spring Fling 2011: Annual EECS Awards Event, continued

MIT School of Engineering Graduate Student Extraordinary Mentoring and Teaching Award

Prof. Freeman presented this special award to Thomas Baran.

MIT Goodwin Medal was presented at another event to Taylor Barton.

Licklider UROP Prize was presented to Steven Dickerson by Prof. Devadas.

Anna Pogosyants UROP Prize was presented by Prof. Devadas to Paul Christiano.

Northern Telecom/BNR Project Award was presented by Prof. Devadas to Jennifer P. Chan and Michael R. Stunes for their 6.111 project, titled ‘High Striker’ completed in Fall, 2010.

George C. Newton UG Lab Prize was presented by Prof. Devadas to Shijie Zheng, Jorge D. Simosa, and Krishna T. Settaluri.

J. Francis Reintjes Excellence in VI-A Industrial Practice Award was presented to Anh D. Nguyen by Prof. Mark Zahn, Director of the VI-A Program. Xiawa Wang was also named recipient but not present at the event.

Morris Joseph Levin Award – for Best MasterWorks Thesis Presentation Award was presented to:

Angela Yen (not present) for her thesis titled: “Epigenomic and Transcriptome Studies in Human and Model Organisms” under Prof. Manolis Kellis;
Sungjae Ha for his thesis titled: “Malaria-Diagnostic System Based on Electric Impedance Spectroscopy” under Prof. Anantha Chandrakasan;
Gabriel Tobon for his thesis titled “Spatial Correspondences of Functional Regions in fMRI Group Analysis” under Prof. Polina Golland; and
Alexander Soane for his thesis titled “An Apparatus for Frequency Resolved Optical Gating of Attosecond Pulses” under Prof. Franz Kaertner.

Charles & Jennifer Johnson CS MEng Thesis Prize was made to:

Angela Yen (not present) for her thesis titled “Leveraging high-throughput datasets for studies of gene regulation” under the supervision of Prof. Manolis Kellis;
Adam Belay for his thesis titled “Message Passing in a Factored OS” under the supervision of Prof. Anant Agarwal.

David Adler Memorial EE Meng Thesis Prize was made to Katherine Lin (not present) for her thesis titled “Green Optical Network Design: Power Optimization of Wide Area and Metropolitan Area Networks” under the supervision of Prof. Vincent Chan.

William A. Martin Memorial CS SM Thesis Prize was present to:

Nathan Beckmann for his thesis titled “Distributed Naming in a Factored Operating System” under the supervision of Prof. Anant Agarwal; and

Stephen Shum for his thesis titled “Unsupervised Methods for Speaker Diarization” under the supervision of Dr. James Glass and Dr. Dehak.

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