Spring Fling 2011: EECS awards & recognition

Spring Fling 2011: Annual EECS Awards Event, continued

Richard J. Caloggero Award was announced for Vera Sayzew (not present) by Prof. Devadas.

Department Head Special Recognition Award was presented to Jarina Shretsha, Mira Whiting and Francis Doughty.

Ruth and Joel Spira Award was presented to Prof. Costis Daskalakis (not present).

Louis Smullin Award (given in odd years) was presented to Profs. Polina Golland (not present) and Gregory Wornell.

Jerome Saltzer Award was present to Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic.

Burgess (1952) & Elizabeth Jamieson Award was presented to Profs. Jacob White and Rob Miller.

GSA Graduate Counselor Award was presented to Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic.

Freshman Advisors Award was named for Prof. Martin Schmidt (not present).

Best Advisor Award was presented by IEEE to Prof. Leslie Kaelbling (not present).

Best Instructor Award was presented by HKN student to Prof. Patrick Winston.

Congratulations to all!

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